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Jun 23, 2009 11:35 AM

The Little Inn, Media (Delaware Co.)

Is The Little Inn on State Road (at Five Points) in Media still as good as it used to be? My family and I frequented the place over many years (even during changes in ownership, redecorations and change of menu) and loved the restaurant. The place used to have the most scrumptious (and creamy) crab cakes. Prices were fair, service was efficient and the menu was extensive, but toward the tail-end of my visits there, the place became disproportionately costly and too business-like. Updates, please.

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    1. New owner and new name, not good..sorry

      1. Now called Generations. Was there a couple of months ago for a Sunday brunch. Thought it was good, but a little expensive (18.00). Can find a menu on line.

        1. Well, yes, it has new owners who have substantially rehabbed the place, created a more "youthful" bar area and dining room decor and renamed the place "Generations".

          I have heard reports of spotty service and mediocre food. I am witholding judgement for a few months in hopes that the new young owners get things in order.