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Jun 23, 2009 10:49 AM

Rocket Salad & Chicory

I had 4 purchased plants of Rocket Salad that tastes wonderful. I have been eating it for about 2 weeks now in salads and wilting a bit to add to pasta and stir-frys as I would spinach.
Unfortunately, my Rocket Salad is coming to an end. I just bought a box of 4 plants of chicory that looks similar to the Rocket Salad.

Do they belong to the same family? Today in Toronto the temp. has gone up to 27'C. Will my chicory plants thrive in the upcoming hot weather or are they plants for spring & fall only?
Can I only harvets the leaves once?

2 of my Rocket salad plants have nice big flowers. Does this mean the plants will re-seed and come back next year or even in the fall?

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  1. Rocket Salad is Arugula. (Arugula Roquette I believe)
    Doesn't do well in warmer weather and will bolt (flower), I have never had luck with the
    seeds from the flowers however a few friends have. You can let the pods dry and then
    save the seeds.

    Chicory I believe is Endive, Escarole, Radicchio, and Dandelions or most chicory blends this is what is included.

    Arugula part of the mustard family. Related to the related to both the radish and watercress family.

    I may be wrong here, but I think I'm close.

    Neither do well in warm weather. Cooler weather plants, they will bolt during summer. Your Arugula will seed, which you can save. You will have to replant next year.

    1. if you are lucky and have the kind of rocket with small deeply indented. leaves, it will seed in and be with you forever. the individual plants of this type may also winter over. Its called a number of things arugula selvatica, rucola, ruchetta, "wild" arugula, sylvetta, etc. - its not actually the same plant as the larger leafed arugula. Look around - most of the mailorder seedhouses have it.

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      1. re: jen kalb

        Thanks for all the advoce and the link. here is the type I am growing:
        If I pinch the flowers off before they bloom will the plant continue to produce leaves?
        I have picked a lot of leaves and I don't see any little leaves growing!

        1. re: Smachnoho

          Nope, sorry, once it bolts or flowers it is done. Another plant or wait until cooler season and plant again. You need to pick leaves often during season, but mid to early spring is best, once it turns warm. NO GOOD.

          sorry, It is at the end of it's life.

          1. re: Smachnoho

            This big leaved kind of arugula tends to bolt when the weather gets warm - you are unlikely to get much more from it once the flowers appear. You will notice that the instruction on your link suggest succession planting and cool weather growing. But you could try to take off the flowers Iand sidedress the plant with some compost or put on dilute liquid fertilizer (the kind with a high first number) and see if that encourages it to produce a bit more. the wild sort persists a lot better if you keep clipping it back...