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Jun 23, 2009 10:48 AM

ISO Mineral oil

i just got a bamboo cutting board. The care instructions say to rub in mineral oil after cleaning. I looked for this in the grocery store without success. Can anyone tell me where to find this product in the GTA? Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. You'll find it in a drug store...just ask the pharmacist...

        1. Bought mine at is superior to olive oil (which is very prone to going rancid).

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            I have never once had olive oil go rancid in my kitchen, and it's always on hand. Then again, I buy it by the case (12-1L bottles at a time, stored in the basement). Any liquid vegetable oil can work, but I wouldn't use peanut or soybean oils if one might have guests with an allergy to either.

            With new cutting boards, I pour the olive oil onto my fingers, and rub it into the wood. The next day, I rub the board with a kitchen towel and add another coating. One day later, it's done. My wooden cutting boards treated this way haven't gone "off" or smelly (ie rancid), including my camp boards which are in storage for months at a time.

            I'm not a fan of mineral oil (petroleum by-product), and prefer to use cooking oils on cooking/prep surfaces. Mineral oil, if ingested, relieves constipation (pharmeceutical food grade mineral oil). The mineral oil from the hardware store can be used on furniture, but is not made for food prep surfaces as it's not graded for consumption. I have no clue whether Ikea's mineral oil is only for furniture or safe for human consumption.

            arguments for and against the use of vegetable and mineral oils on cutting boards:

          2. I use food safe Tung Oil from Lee Valley Tools for my cutting boards, salad bowls and platters...