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Jun 23, 2009 10:13 AM

Market in the Middle, AP

Stopped by for a quick lunch yesterday at Market in the Middle in Asbury Park. Ordered the Napa Sandwich, grilled organic chicken breast, brie, apples and white balsalmic cream on challah bread served with a pickle and red tortilla chips.

I like the atmosphere and could see myself having a drink here. Service was friendly and very attentive. A+ on that.

Food was mediocore. Flavors sounded great and seemed to work well together but the chicken was very dry. I thought the sandwich was going to be cold but it appeared to be put through a panini press which is fine. I think if the chicken was juicy, I would have really enjoyed the sandwich.

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  1. dani - Thanks for the post. I've hesitated returning to Market since Marilyn sold it.