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Jun 23, 2009 09:34 AM

Columbia SC Gourmet Shop Lunch

I never see this place mentioned. I am guilty of forgetting about it myself.
I am here today having lunch because I was passing by and remembered it. I had a pate plate and a cheese and meat plate for lunch. I thought it was good. IT IS IN FIVE POINTS. Why would such a college area have such a place. I am from Greenville and place like this would do well. It is a gourmet food store, wine shop, kithcen gadgets and even a cigar humidor (no smoking inside anywhere in Cola). I have a great menu for lunch though a limited wine by the glass. I really enjoy this place and think this is a place a chowhound would like.

JB Bannister

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  1. When I lived in Columbia in the late 1990s, the Gourmet Shop was one of my favorite haunts (both the shop and to eat). We always would take out-of-towners there for lunch/brunch because it was such a neat place.
    At the time, it was the only place to get good cheese, properly handled, and other gourmet items. I'd drool over the cookware, then head to wine section to pick out a bottle.
    Unless it's fallen off its game in the last decade, this is definitely a place a 'Hound would love.
    As for its location: Don't forget the tony Shannon community is just down the street.

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      A slight correction: the "tony" neighborhood is Shandon, not Shannon. And the Gourmet Shop has been in Five Points for quite some time, dating back to the time that Five Points was one of the few shopping areas outside of the malls in that part of town. Five Points wasn't always such a student-dominated area - keep in mind that The Vista has only really come into its own in the last 10 years or so, and the Gourmet Shop has been around since I was at Carolina, which was...well...let's just say a good while longer than 10 years ago.