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Jun 23, 2009 09:32 AM

roaring fork in north austin

Saturday afternoon my family and I went to the new roaring fork by the quarry in north austin.We were happy to see they serve brunch or lunch on the weekends as alot of places dont serve saturday brunch.The view of the place is am amazing and you can eat in the main dining room the outside patio which has fire pits like at the dimaggios in the domain and a big ample bar that has plenty of seating.We were started off with complementary stuicky bun type pastries which were yummy and can also be purchased for 75 cents each and well worth it.I must say the portions were large.We had a appitizers of the pork green chile which was delciious and my wife had prime rib sliders that were also very tasty and came with fries that i enjoyed.My son had a enormous plate of yummy carnitas with homemade blackbeans.I had the slamon benedict and i enjoyed it but it was the least of my favorites as it had a corncake on the bottom instead of a english muffin or a biscuit.they have happy hour 4-7 every day and apps and soups are 4 dollars off and beers are 1/2 price>its great to see north austin is continuing to give us options so we dont have to go downtown all the time for food.

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  1. We visited Roaring Fork for happy hour the first week that they opened - I meant to post a detailed report, but forgot, became busy, etc. However, this was my inital impression: a beautiful restaurant with an impressive menu in a great location with fairly reasonable pricing. We were seated on the expansive patio, with a great view of Quarry Lake.

    I was involved in 2002 with the development of several of the existing businesses that also share frontage on the lake (a bank, a gym and an office building), and at the time I wondered why no one was really taking advantage of this unique urban water feature. Who knows? Stupid land planning, I guess......

    But, for what we sampled, it was very good - the menu leaned toward what has become typical upscale Southwestern cuisine, with an emphasis on chiles, black beans, etc. We definitely plan on a return visit soon.

    Probably my only complaint was that I think that our martinis were somewhat watered down. A good bar just doesn't do that......

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      We decided to hit up the Roaring Fork in North Austin for Happy Hour this past Friday. We went specifically for the Big Ass Burgers and were quite disappointed to find that they were not on the North Austin HH Menu!!! Since we were only there for the burgers we left immediately and raced to their downtown location. We made it in time and had some delicious burgers... I am very picky when it comes to my thick burger and I have tried a bunch in Austin. So far Roaring Fork wins hands down.

      So, don't plan to go to the North Austin location if you want the Big Ass Burger. I would also suggest calling ahead to make sure that your other favorite HH items are on that menu. Hopefully word will get out to Roaring Fork that their Big Ass Burger is very much missed from the menu and they will add it back in (I think it was on the menu originally)... but until then I will continue to head downtown.

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        I don't think I could ever eat a burger that big anyway. I had their Half Ass burger (1/2 lb) a few weeks ago at lunch and almost couldn't even finish that (but it was quite tasty). I sure couldn't eat a 3/4 lb. burger!

        1. re: danny_w

          does anyone have an address or a website?

          1. re: NWLarry

            Roaring Fork Stonelake:
            10850 Stonelake Blvd, Austin, TX 78759

            Roaring Fork Austin:
            701 Congress , Austin, TX 78701


    2. Got to try this place recently and love the outdoor deck overlooking the lake. can't wait for warmer weather to take advantage of that. Will definitely got for HH and get apps. we tried the crab topped trout (special of the day) with chilled corn relish. Large portions and perfectly cooked) and the lamb chops with mashed potatoes--the olive tapenade was a little too powerfully spiced for my taste. Great service and tasty food.

      Roaring Fork - Stone Lake
      10850 Stonelake Blvd, Austin, TX 75759