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What to do with roasted hazelnuts?

Hey everybody,

I scored a big bag of delicious roasted hazelnuts from Bob's Red Mill, but after snacking through about 1/4 of them I realize I'll never get through them all while they're still fresh. What's your favorite recipe that showcases hazelnuts and will work when they've already been roasted?

Thanks in advance :)

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    1. This Roasted Cherry and Hazelnut Salad from the Zuni cookbook:


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          This. But specifically tossed with dandelion greens or arugula (more bitter greens) goat cheese, and a warm balsamic vinaigrette

      1. Pesto is great!
        In a simple sugar cookie dough or shortbread dough for a sweet dish
        Fine chopped hazelnuts and butter over fresh cod, halibut or salmon ... or use in a bread
        crumb crust over baked fish amazing.
        Scallops seared in butter with a hazelnut crust and then a spicy fruit wine sauce
        Salads which someone mentioned which are great
        Deserts, fresh strawberries, mascarpone, honey with hazelnuts
        Crescent rolls topped with honey cream cheese, hazelnuts and then rolled and baked
        until golden brown drizzled with honey. A simple easy breakfast roll. Use puff pastry
        if you have more time.
        I love to use them

        1. Not really recipes per se, but I'd probably love some with chocolate ice cream or gelato, a la Nutella; also would be good finely chopped and add to th crust for any fruit crisp, pie, crumble, etc.

          1. Sunday Suppers at Lucques has a wonderful hazelnut cake - more like a European cake - one layer. I've made it several times and just love it. If that sounds interesting, I'll see if I can find a link for you. (And, it does call for roasted hazelnuts.)


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              If you're referring to Chef Goins' hazelnut brown butter cake, I second your recommendation. In fact, DH says it is and was the best dessert I've made! Plus, it uses a lot of nuts.

            2. Store them in the freezer and they'll last longer.

              1. I've made a delicious dessert with them. It was something along the lines of a jelly roll -- you make a chocolate cake in a jelly roll plan (I believe it was chocolate cloud cake from the Cake Bible). Then, I food processed the roasted hazelnuts, and mixed them with melted chocolate. Use that as the filling and then roll up the cake. It was really phenomenal. The same concept works to fill out cakes as well.

                1. Grind them to make an authentic hazelnut torte. You'll use a ton of them and have a classic Old European dessert that has become harder and harder to find.

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                    Hazelnut tortes are one of my very favorite desserts and so hard to find, I only found them out one time and have been craving one every since!

                  2. i like giada dl's hazelnut/chocolate cookies a lot.

                    1. Thanks everybody...the nuts came roasted with their skins on; do I still need to remove the skins before baking them in something?

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                        I'm lazy - I'll rub the nuts around in a dishtowel, and what ever skin falls off, falls off, the rest I live with! I've made that cake many times that way, fwiw.

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                          For future reference, here's an easy way to skin hazelnuts: For 1/2 cup of nuts, bring 1-1/2 cups of water to a boil, add 2 tablespoons of baking soda and the nuts, and boil for 3 minutes. (The water turns black. It's really weird.) Test a nut by trying to skin it under cold water and boil a bit longer if it doesn't slip off easily. Rinse the nuts under cold running water and toast them in a 350F oven for about 20 minutes.

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                            I'm too lazy to do that. (grin)

                        2. Dacquoise: stack them up with whipped cream in between for a really lovely cake, or sandwich in between actual cake layers for a crunchy contrast (at least until the moisture causes the DQ to soften). http://tinyurl.com/ko6kbl

                          Frangipane: can make loads of it and freeze for future use. It's a great filling to have on hand for tarts and croissant dough, especially when combined with fruit. http://tinyurl.com/mjkjd9

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                            I just favorited this thread for that dacquoise recipe. That looks great!

                          2. What about a linzer torte.

                            1. NUTELLA!!!! YUM YUM YUM!

                              1. Hazelnut butter. I like to put them in my french toast rather than peanut butter...

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                                  I've been making a ton of hazelnut butter recently - definitely my new favorite food item! Just whirl and whirl in a food processor, scraping down sides until liquified. I add salt and then at the very end big scoop of chopped hazelnuts for a crunchy spread instead of creamy. You don't even need to skin them first.

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                                    I've made that before with chopped prosciutto and some other seasonings. It's very good.