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Jun 23, 2009 09:23 AM

Flott tuna/ tuna in oil.

I recently bought a big pacakge of Kirklands Tuna from Costco because a friend said it was great. It is still in the pantry now. I was not impressed. Flott is my favorite, by far. I am eating a spinach salad now with some Flott tuna (I leave the oil on) and then just add a little vinegar to the salad. So good.

This brings me to my question- why do people eat tuna packed in water? Is it just for health reasons or do people really prefer it?

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  1. I think the majority of tuna packed in water either gets mixed with mayonnaise or into tuna noodle casserole. Most people aren't really acquainted with the idea of eating higher quality tuna in chunk form as a protein on its own.

    1. Funny-Ive been wondering the same thing recently. My sister is very health conscious and turns her nose up at the idea of tuna packed in oil-though we were both raised on it. So I assume its mainly for health reasons. Personally I prefer the taste of it packed in oil, and I drain the oil out so I cant imaging that it packs too much of a caloric least I hope :-)

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        It's not so much the calories for me, but I actually prefer the texture of tuna in water.

      2. The olive oil in Flott tuna is a good extra virgin Sicilian olive oil and should be consumed just as you would a good Sicilian extra virgin olive oil. Definitely do not throw that stuff out -- cook with it if you have to, but don't discard it.

        As of late, I buy tuna packed in water if I'm making tuna salad ONLY. I squeeze the heck out of it, douse it with a generous amount of white wine vinegar, and then I add plenty of my own good quality extra virgin olive oil afterwards. I find that the tuna packed in water [vegetable stock] flakes better than the one packed in oil and absorbs the white wine vinegar better as well. I'm a convert. Now if I'm eating tuna straight out of a can, Flott still gets my vote there.

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          Interesting observation Cheeseboy. 99% of the time, I use canned tuna as addition to a green salad. next time I make tuna salad I will try your vinegar method. I do agree the oil in the can is great, I pour the oil over the greens then just add on a litle red wine vinegar and that is my dressing.

        2. I think back in the 80's or early 90's it was drilled into our heads that oil is bad. (too much fat). Then all the companies started putting out tuna in spring water, so I started using it. (Actually my mom bought it because I was a kid). I just recently discovered Italian tuna packed in olive oil. Now I don't even use mayo anymore in tuna salad. Better late than never.

          1. It gives me the option to season, evoo, mayo etc, the way I wish. For tuna packed in oil, it's imported tuna packed in olive oil.