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Jun 23, 2009 09:09 AM

Great Lunch btwn Vero and New Smyrna?

Travelling with the kids from Fort Pierce to Blue Sprigs State Park to go canping. (In July--am I insane?) We'll be on I-95 btwn Vero and New Smyrna Beach.

Are there any great spots to pull off , get out of the car and eat some great road food? Diners? Any suggestions appreciated!

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  1. About a mile east of Exit 195 you find Amici's...good Italian subs (hoagies? grinders?), pizza & more substantial Italian fare. (


    A litte further east on US 1, there's the Conch Key Grill ( ) and the more upscale River Rocks ( ). Both have indoor & outdoor seating looking over the Indian River. However, in July, outdoor seating may not be a plus!

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      Great, thanks! Which town is this near?

      1. re: leslieolson

        All three are on the border of the north end of Melbourne & the south end of Vierra & Rockledge.

        1. re: cavandre

          I gave you the wrong exit #...all three places are off Exit 191/Wickham Rd.