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Jun 23, 2009 09:07 AM

Anyone Been to Sushi Kanesaka Recently?

Hi Tokyo Chowhounds...

Anybody been to Sushi Kanesak recently. I have a trip coming up to Tokyo in September and the concierge at the hotel made a reservation for me. However, they quoted me a price of 30000-50000JPY for a chef's omakase dinner.

Is that correct? Seems quite high!

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  1. That's funny, I have a reservation there for the end of July and the price they quoted me was no different than what they've charged in the past which was around Y20, 000 per person. Could the hotel have been giving you a quote for two people? If that's the case that sounds about right, but per person should again, be around the 20k mark.

    1. Was there for Sat lunch at end June and the omakase choices were 20, 30 and 50,000 Yen.

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        Thanks KLfoodie!

        50K JPY for dinner is just a bit too much for me... I'll settle for 30K JPY menu. :)

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          I settled for the 30K as well. I was already terribly late for lunch, so, all i asked was whether it would it be diff fish between the various menus and the response was yes but no further info provided.
          Thought the 30K was amazing, uni was sweet, toro melted in the mouth (can't remember which toro) and a piece of the best grilled fish I've ever had in my life. But the one thing that i can't stop thinking about was the additional tuna cheek sushi that i had. One of the diners wanted to try something else, after finishing the omakase and we were offered aged tuna cheek, which in its raw state looked very much like kobe beef (pink and beautifully marbled). The tuna is served v lightly grilled, certainly sent me to sushi paradise. Think it was Y2k a piece. It would be really nice to have several of those. Is it possible to specify what you want incorporated into an omakase?
          Chef kanesaka is very hospitable and speaks english, even cracks jokes through the meal, making it a very enjoyable and memorable dining experience. Felt like i had lunch at a friend's place even though it was my first visit.

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            Yes, I agree absolutely Kanesaka-san was very friendly, smile all the time and I enjoyed the lunch as well. I recall I paid around Yen18k per person. That was almost two years ago.

      2. 50k?!? I will most likely be getting the 30k Omakase but I'm also intrigued as to what could possibly be in the 50k Omakase to bump it up to that price? More quantity? That makes Kanesaka among the most expensive if not the most expensive sushi ya in the city.

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          Yeah, I also wonder what could be possibly be in Yen 50k omakase? The most expensive I ever paid was Yen 35k at Sawada.

        2. 50000 per person for just one meal? would be very interested to know the fish served as well. have a tough time seeing how it can be worth the money though. for the same price, i could spend a night at the gora kadan or many of the best ryokans with a fantastic dinner thrown in!

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            Not to mention the transportation to and from Hakone.

          2. I was there in December and loved it. The fish was spectacular and Chef Kanesaka was an incredibly affable host. I'm not sure if I misheard (I possess the Japanese comprehensive skills of a very polite toddler), but I believe he ages his tuna because he feels it delivers a superior flavor. Can anybody confirm or deny.

            Anyway, if you're interested in a detailed blow by blow with pics, you can check out my Kanesaka-related blog posts (I went twice):




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              Most high end sushi chefs would age their tuna.

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                Chatted with Chef Kanesaka in English and he definitely mentioned aging the tuna, by 10 days but i can't remember if it was the tuna cheek or chu toro.