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Jun 23, 2009 08:40 AM

Norfolk, North Coast Eats


Will be visiting Cley & Wells-next-the-sea on the weekend and am looking for good pubs, restaurants to try out. Any suggestions? Homestyle food would be great, and we also love Asian foods but can get that easily here in London.

Also, any foods that are local to the area that we ought to try?

Lastly, any weekend markets that ought not be missed in the area?

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  1. The Three Horseshoes in Warham sounds right up your street - home made pies are their speciality, and other stuff too - huge portions. It's a proper pub.

    The main local food is fish and seafood I guess (particularly Cromer Crab). There's a fish shack/cafe called Cookie’s Crab Shop on the coast road in the village of Salthouse - they serve fish and seafood platters and salad - as far as I know it is all cold - no hot meals - but it is very fresh and ridiculously cheap. Take your own wine and cork screw.

    I've not been for years, but the White Horse in Brancaster Staithe did/does lovely fish dishes (and others too I think) - great views of the salt marshes too, and good for bird watching.

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      Thanks for the suggetions Theresa. We did end up going to Cookie's Crab Shop in Salthouse for a prawn salad and it was so cheap and amazingly fresh. Thanks for the recommendation!

      we also reall enjoyed The Stables Restaurant which also has an attached pub called The Lobster I think in Sheringham. Amazing lobster dinner there!

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        Glad you enjoyed it - it's good to know when someone has followed up on a recommendation.

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        We stayed at the White Horse in Brancaster Staithe last year and found the food to be truly amazing. We still talk about the huge local (as in dug 30 feet away from the restaurant) oysters on the half shell, some of the best and certainly freshest we'd ever had.