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Jun 23, 2009 08:29 AM

Downtown Milwaukee Breakfast?

We're usually eating at Grandma's or the included Hyatt buffet (which is actually pretty good), but my Mom is a foodie & is going to want to try more... All I can think of is breakfast at the Pfister for an upscale old-style (and that will bore her to tears, but I do love the lobby there), Harlequin Bakery (ok, I realize not so downtown, but doable), Trocadero (any brunch reviews - have only had lunch/dinner/apps there), Alterra for coffee and ??? I see mention of the Hi-Hatter? I thought that was a cocktail bar :) Something within walking distance of the Hyatt - we're good walkers - would be great, but I realize that might be difficult, so anything in between say, 3rd Ward & Shorewood would work, as we'll have a car.

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  1. My wife and I were down in Milwaukee (from Minneapolis) a couple months back and really enjoyed our brunch at Trocadero. She had the eggs benedict (phenomenal hollandaise) and I had the breakfast sandwich. The sandwich was excellent (might be a little 'bready' for some, not for me), but it paled in comparison to the eggs benedict. A table next to us had the breakfast burger which also looked very good. They've got a few bloody mary recipe's to choose from as well, I stuck with the traditional which was very nice. And to top it all off, the patio is very tough to beat on a nice weekend morning.

    1. Cafe Hollander on Downer has a pretty delicious brunch.

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        Agreed! I just went there for the 1st time last weekend and had Guinness-laced Belgium waffle (came sprinkled with potatoes and ham and syrup) topped with poached eggs and a side of sausage (chubbiest sausage links I've ever gotten at a restaurant)! I had to spit it with my sister, but it was excellent!

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          All of these are good suggestions. Trocadero's and Cafe Hollander are owned by the same group (and have some of the same brunch items). Great bloody mary's at both, and 'the hot mess' has been bumped up from a special to a constant on the menu at Cafe Hollander (actually, going there tonight post Super-Run, I'll be the sweaty one). It's one of my favorites, bacon, sausage, homefries, covered in scrambled eggs and bechamel sauce.

          Beans and Barley is also a great recommendation. Alterra on the lake has brunch as well (and their chorizo burrito is a favorite of mine) but be advised at both Alterra and Beans and Barley you could end up having a longish wait. Cafe Hollander and Trocadero move somewhat faster.

          Harlequin doesn't really have brunch. They've got croque monsieur's and almond croissants and such, but nothing non-baked to my knowledge.

      2. I had a very good breakfast last month at Beans and Barley: pesto scrambled eggs, great scones, carrot-orange juice, and one of the best cups of coffee I've had in quite a while.

        1. Not to make this place seem like second-best ('cause I think it's very good), but if you stop at Beans and don't want to wait, go across their parking lot to Hotch-a-do.