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Carolina's Mexican Cuisine (Dallas)

Has anyone tried the new Carolina's Mexican Cuisine at Rosemeade and George Bush? I've heard good things and we are going with some friends tonight, but was hoping for some recomendations on the menu. I heard the patio is great and that they really upgraded the place from when it was Case Caliente. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. The Brisket Tacos are great, a lot like Mias, but you get 4 smaller ones instead of 2 big ones. The La Bomba is their margaritta special and it's great. Better than the Mambo Taxi! The patio is really cool and huge. Going back this weekend to check out the night scene as they tell me it turns into a nice bar/dance scene.
    Also, their salsa is good. Ask for the house salsa as well, spicier. This is always the way to root out the bad mexican restaurants. And this doesn't appear to be one.

    1. I went there and tried the Chicken Enchildas with Mole sauce. If you like mole sauce, you will love them. Sometimes people aren't fans of mole sauce, and their mole sauce is flavorful. The chips were good and the salsa was decent. I was there for lunch and had some time (that is my excuse for eating dessert at lunch) so I tried their leches cake and it was surprisingly good. They were mentioned on the Eats Blog last week and it is the Mi Cocina co-founder's new place and you could tell because everyone was on the ball especially for a new restaurant. I didn't get to try to the patio because it was 2,000 degrees over the lunch hour, but will have to go back there some night and check it out.

      1. Back to report. Already been back twice since my original post. Tried the Brisket tacos and agree, they are very good. The ceviche is a must as well! Tried things from their authentic menu as well as the Tex-Mex side and both are very different and very very good. Thanks as well for the tip on the salsa and the La Bomba! Both are now staples when we return. Really wanted to sit on the beautiful patio, but everytime we went it was like 115 degrees outside! We've invited friends from all over town since it's at the 2 tollway intersection and makes a great middle ground. Looking forward to going back again!

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          Thank you for the report. How was the pricing on the dishes?

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            I asked that exact question and they said they priced every dish $1 less than Mi Cocina.

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              Exact comparison I was looking for, appreciate it.

        2. I'm looking for a place to meet a friend for lunch in the near future. She lives in McKinney, me in Grapevine. This could be a good mid-way point.

          Question: Is this restuarunt more along the line of a diner, ie Taco Diner or full restaurant, ie Mi Cocina?

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            perfect mid point. had grapevine and frisco friends meet me ( from Dallas) there and everyone said it was a speedy trip on the tollways. It is definitley more along the lines of Mi Cocina. Split the fish Civiche as an appetizer before your meal... you'll thank me!

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              Very good to know and thanks! Had it been more like TD, I wouldn't have considered it further.

          2. The good:
            Food is good quality
            Food is quite tasty and a reasonably authentic representation
            Their update of the interior was done tastefully.

            The Bad:
            Location Location Location. There have been many ..... restaurants in this location and many have failed.
            Slight musty smell due to the above no doubt
            Food is a bit pricey for lunch and for the neighborhood for that matter.

            In summary the food is good, the prices are high for the area. We will see if they can make it in this location.

            1. Had late lunch here yesterday around 1500. Service 5 star. Tex-Mex food 5 star. (So many house specialities I will go back to try) Ambiance/decor 5 star. Only down side - top shelf margarita was "bottom shelf". After sending it back twice for adjustment, with no improvement, sent it back 3rd time and ordered a Stella draft. Marg was bland, flavorless, with very little (or any) alcohol. Manager was very apologetic and offered to comp a top shelf on my next visit, personally preparing it himself. Now, that is service! Yes, we will definitely give this new place another try!

              1. We went there for dinner last night and had a good time. We had a drink at the bar while waiting for our whole party to arrive. They have about 30 beers on tap, about 5 or 10 of which I had never heard of. Our party arrived and we debated as to whether to sit outside because it was 100 degrees yesterday so we sent a scout out who came back saying it wasn't too bad so we tried it. They had fans and misters outside which made it very comfortable as long as you weren't too close to the misters.

                Our waitress Marium (sp?) was very nice. We tried the seafood ceviche to start and I am not a connoisseur of ceviche and normally don't order it but it was very good and may have opened my eyes to ceviche a bit. It also had a little bit of a kick to it which I liked, but am not sure if that is par for the course with ceviche or just theirs.

                I ordered their Bomba drink which is very similar to a Mambo Taxi, and was a little sweet for me but after a couple sips to get used to it, very enjoyable especially on a warm night.
                I was pretty open to ordering so I just asked the waitress what she liked best and truthfully don't even know the name of the dish. I tried to look up a website menu to pull the name but it looks like their website isn't quite up. Basically, it was a thin piece of beef, breaded and fried, similar to a chicken fried steak but different, thinner and the breading wasn't as heavy. It was very good, I mean it was fried red meat and i love red meat and I love fried so it was obviously up my alley. The rest of the table ordered a salad, the fajitas and I think the brisket tacos. Everyone seemed very pleased with their choices although I didn't try any of them.

                When we were finished with our entrees, we were stuffed also because of the chips and salsa which was good and is always my downfall at Mexican restaurants. But despite being full and perhaps out of curiosity we ordered an order of Sopapillas for the table, which then turned to a discussion of their Leches cake and Churros, so we ordered one of each. I would say the Churros were better than the sopapillas and the leches cake was very good as well but just different.

                I would recommend Carolina's and especially their patio which was pretty cool.

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                  Your entree description sounds like bistec milanesa, which is a very thin cut of beef lightly breaded and fried. I think that's so much better than chicken fried steak, a nicer cut of beef and more "delicate" preparation. I live about 2 miles down the street from Carolina's and can't wait to try it. It sounds really good based on all the reviews here!