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Jun 23, 2009 07:55 AM

Who Makes The Best Sandwich and Salad Platters In Bergen County?

We're hosting a casual July 4th afternoon gathering in our home, and looking for someplace other than The Market Basket (where we usually go for this kind of catering) for salads and interesting sandwich ideas. Thanks!

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  1. try Chez Cheese in Tenafly. she always does a *beautiful* job with my mom's fruit and vegetable platters for the holidays, and they have good dips, spreads & salads. the gazpacho is excellent too. i can't vouch for the sandwiches since i can't eat bread, but the menu looks great...

    Chez Cheeze
    10 Washington Ave, Tenafly, NJ

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      Oooh, thanks. I used to be a regular there, but for some reason just haven't been there lately, and almost forgot about them!

    2. Try Great Foods in Oradell...wonderful sandwich choices and don't miss the couscous's a real crowd pleaser.

      1. Questions: Are you looking for an Italian , Jewish Deli or somewhere in between theme recommendation. Also, you query for salad, is it for the typical greens or Mesculin, potato, cole slaw.....variations of them or more along the prepared a seafood salad? Last, are you looking for one place to order your menu or are you willing to go to more than one place. For example, Julio's in Teaneck is very well regarded for making exceptional fruit platters and displays.....and Christine Nunn of Picnic Caterers is praised for her exceptional take on the atypical deli.

        Provide a few more details and I would be more than happy to assist with some recommendations for you.

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          Noah's Ark in Teaneck is kosher delicatessen that will prepare entire barbecue for takeout.

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            Thanks for the help, Fourunder. I am definitely willing to go to more than one place to pick up the food. I would like to stick to Italian or "American" fare. For salads, I need a couple of typical potato/macaroni salads along with a couple of non-run-of-the-mill ones like seafood salad and/or some kind of different vegetable salad. I have several vegetarians attending, so I want to find some kind of interesting sandwiches and salads. I'm really open to anything, as long as the quality of the food is good and it's tasty!

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              Here's a copy and paste contribution I made to a recent thread and the information within should give you something to work on and research for your preferences. Any of the locations should be able to satisfy your needs for your gathering. I have a few more ideas for you which I will add a little bit later....

              You are going to receive a lot of recommendations for Vitamia in Lodi, especially for their pasta products, but while it is an Italian deli that provides nice products and services, I would tell you they are very expensive as well for what is provided. I would also include Bartolomeo and Jerry's, both in Englewood in the same camp. There's a place in Waldwick called Itallian Riviera that gets love on this board, but I have not been to the location.

              Here's a list of very good to great delis in addtion to the ones mentioned above, IMHO:

              Valente, Fairview
              Visentini Bros., Lodi
              Mela, Garfield
              Latona, Garfield
              Clememte, South Hackensack
              Piccolo Gastronomia Italiana, Ridgefield

              Piast, Garfield
              Golden Eagle, Garfield
              Super Deli, Wallington

              Kochers, Ridgefield

              Foster Village Delicatessen
              Sol 'n' Sol, Englewood
              Kosher Nosh, Glen Rock
              Harold's II Kosher Superrette, Paramus

              Denaro's Dumont


              Picnic Caterers, Emerson
              Cafasso's Fairway Market, Fort Lee


              1. re: fourunder

                Thanks, fourunder! I will check out all/most of them! Great ideas, I appreciate it.

                1. re: CookingBabs

                  Here's some more quality places for you to consider. Evergreen Deli in Englewood does a brisk business with all the medical practices in town(daily lunches) and with Englewood Hospital. Le Promenade in Tenafly is very good and also makes some great pastries a lot cheaper than Pastry St Michelle or Bon Appetite.






                  This past week I received the June-July issue of Clipper magazine in the mail. Inside, there is a new gourmet deli and foodmart that opened in Paramus on 171 Route Four West near the Fair Lawn border. The picture provided in the advertisement is intriguing enough for me to put it on the list to try next time I am in the area.

                  If you decide on a run through the Englewood-Tenafly area......consider a desert tray of chocolate covered fruit and cookies from Matisse Chocolatier. Whenever I do a party, I always have one and it's always a crowd pleaser and party highlight.



                  Last, my son likes to have all his Sunday Football parties catered by Dante's


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                    I forgot to add two places similar to the Market Basket....

                    The Maywood Marketplace on West Pleasant Avenue and Fairway Market in Paramus @ The Fashion Center

                    1. re: fourunder

                      my mom will vouch for Evergreen and La Promenade as well ;)

                      re: Julio's, glad to hear they're doing good stuff again. we stopped using them a long time ago because the prices had gone way up and the quality wasn't up to par anymore.

                      oh, and re: dessert, La Dolce Divas in Englewood is another option. i've heard raves.


                      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                        re: Julio's, glad to hear they're doing good stuff again. we stopped using them a long time ago because the prices had gone way up and the quality wasn't up to par anymore.


                        I can't vouch for the quality.....but I can assume confidently their prices have not become any cheaper. ......unfortunately for all. One question though,,,,when you say the quality was subpar, does that mean the fruit wasn't ripe or something more serious like the fruit should not have been used, either under ripened or over ripened?

                        Thanks for the tip on La Dolce Divas

                        1. re: goodhealthgourmet


                          Funny you mention La Dolce Divas - that's where the cake is coming from! I find it hit or miss there, though. I like the cupcakes and cakes, but the bar cookies and regular cookies need a little help!

                          1. re: CookingBabs

                            i've never tried them myself (no gluten for me!) but i keep hearing great things about their cupcakes. in fact, the bakery was featured in a small blurb in the NY Times a couple of weeks ago, and they mentioned that their cupcakes are available as minis, which made me think they'd be perfect for a party platter.


                            i don't think most people go there for the cookies. my sister and i actually got into an argument because she asked me about the "new cupcake place" in Englewood that everyone was talking about, and when i said it was a full-service bakery she didn't believe me!

                            anyway, mediocre cookies & bars aside, do you think it's worth recommending for cakes & cupcakes?

                            1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                              I do think they are worth going there for the cupcakes and cakes. To me, they are the best in the area. The cupcakes are light and fresh, and taste like they use quality ingredients in them. Same with the cakes. It's the closest thing to a NYC cupcake bakery we have on this side of the river.

                              I also like that you can satisfy your cake craving by buying one slice, and not a whole cake! I like the red velvet and coconut cakes. Yum - I could go for one now! :)

                              1. re: CookingBabs

                                thanks so much. my friends & family come to me for advice & suggestions about all things food-related, but it's so difficult for me to recommend bakeries since i can't eat the stuff! at least now i know this one gets a CH stamp of approval ;)