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Jun 23, 2009 07:52 AM

Salt & Pepper pork chops ?

I am a fan of Van Roy's (Chinatown) salt & pepper pork chops (extra spicy!). Sadly, they are closing in two days because their lease is not being renewed (after 35 years!). Anyone know where I could eat these chops, in Chinatown, until Van Roy finds a new local?!? Thanks!

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  1. The best ones, in my opinion, are at Amigo. It's their signature dish and you'll notice that most of the tables at this restaurant order this dish.

    They are also decent at P.M. on Ste-Catherine Ouest.

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    1. re: mainsqueeze

      If I am not mistaken, the chef at amigo used to work at Van Roy and brought the recipe with him...

      Now, this news about Van Roy's is bringing a tear to my eye! Been eating there for the last 12 years! so Sad :(

      1. re: foodie_mtl

        You're right. The chef used to be at Van Roy. The trick when ordering the salt & pepper pork chop plate is to ask for it "all dressed". This entails the white rice miraculously being replaced by fried rice and a fried egg on top of everything!

        1. re: keelo

          That sounds like the 'Hot Deal' special plate they have. Is that what you mean or is there another bigger plate for sharing like the one off the regular menu?

          1. re: SnackHappy

            Yeah, it's the salt & pepper pork chop special that they have all day. It's actually a pretty big plate, for one person to eat.

      2. re: mainsqueeze

        i second that statement about amigo

      3. I have to agree that Van Roy had the best S & P pork chops in chinatown. I've been going there on and off for many a years just to order that dish. The pork chops my dad made when he was working at Maxim wasn't too shabby either. Where if I may ask is Amigo located?

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        1. re: ShadowNemesis

          "Where if I may ask is Amigo located?"

          Couldn't find the address, although I do have their business card tucked away somewhere, but they are on the East side of St-Laurent just South of De La Gauchetiere. The door is between Uni and Marché Pap Pap.

          1. re: SnackHappy

            Any idea where the best S and P Prawns, shell on can be had? We were fans of this dish out West and have yet to find something comparable.

            1. re: williej

              I've had them at Kam Fung. Shrimp with heads on and everything.

              1. re: williej

                i think they also have it at amigos too.. it was good

          2. I've never had this dish but I love pork! Can someone describe it to me? Is it breaded> Fried? Cut up or served whole? Loin chop? Fatty?

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              full pork chop, batter and deep fried, fatty on the edges, and sauted with onion and sweet peppers

              the combo is with rice, pork chop, sauteed veggies with a sunny side egg on top of the eggs