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Jun 23, 2009 06:29 AM

Best Deli Meat?

Hey guys,

I love sandwiches and was wondering where or who has the best deli meat? Locally made stuff would be ideal but taste trumps everything...


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  1. Bruno's has wonderful rare roast beefs, made in house. They do both a striploin roast and a ribeye roast. They also roast their own turkey breasts. There are 3 different seasonings, my preference is for the teriyaki -- the teriyaki flavour is minimal, but I prefer it to the other two (which are heavily herbed) because I like the taste of the turkey itself.

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    1. re: TorontoJo

      Was just going to say the same thing - they have a turkey with stuffing which is quite nice, and their home made roast beef is the real deal...
      pretty expensive though.

    2. Highland Farms has a good selection and service is not rushed or haggard at the counter.

      Highland Farms Supermarkets
      4750 Dufferin Street North York ON

      Highland Farms
      850 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, ON M1P, CA

      Highland Farms Supermarkets
      Lawrence av E Bennett Toronto ON

      1. If you like smoked or cured meats, you might want to try the Polish folks in the lower level of SLM. I've had good luck with the double-smoked Ukrainian, the garlic kielbasa, the Krakovska. Pick wisely though, because some of their stuff looks rather dodgy.

        I also like their Landjaeger sausages - they're definitely greasier than usual, but I think they taste awesome.

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        1. re: simplepieman

          You talking about the one tucked away in a corner near that small grocer?

          I've had a few of their smoked/cured sausages, and the flavour is excellent.

          1. re: grandgourmand

            That's them. I just looked them up and they're Ukrainian, not Polish. My bad. It's called Dnister and it's next to Domino's, the bulk food place in the corner.

            And I should clarify my earlier comment re "looks rather dodgy": some of the items in the display, like the hard salamis, don't always look too fresh. I have no idea whether or not they are, having never tried them.

          2. re: simplepieman

            Landjaegers?! That was my reward for being dragged to the market with my parents when I was a kid and I've been looking for them ever since! We used to get them in the north market but that butcher isn't there anymore. I hope they're the same, will report back.

            1. re: crawfish

              Both Scheffler's upstairs, and Dnister downstairs, sell landjägers. I prefer Dnister's but I think Scheffler's are more like the kind you'd find in a typical German deli. You should try them both!

          3. Has any one tried the Beretta Farm meats? It's made from just north of toronto and is sold at whole foods....

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            1. re: excel

              No one? I guess there isn't a huge sandwich crowed here....

              1. re: excel

                Person ally, I find them to be tough and stringy. I'm sure that's from all that organic loving that they get.

              2. re: excel

                Had their Montreal Smoked Beef and Corned beef. It's decent but not worth the pricepoint IMO.

                1. re: thatlankyfoody

                  What is the price point? Dunn's smoked meat is $16/kg in pouches at Costco.

              3. The best luncheon meat I've ever had in my life is called, "Krakovska". That made by Finest Sausage & Meat, Ltd. in Ontario looks like the closest to what I had years ago. Undoubtedly, a GREAT sandwich meat!!