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Jun 23, 2009 05:38 AM

DC recs, please: Great food, good atmosphere for int'l visitors

Hello fellow hounds,

Am hoping you can provide some recommendations. We have a group coming to DC from several countries from the former Soviet Union in August. What is the best restaurant to take them to?

Good food is an absolute must.

If it had some political significance/ambiance or a great view, that would be a bonus. We're not tied to "American" style food per se, but it would be nice. We need for there to be decent veg/vegan options, since some people will be fasting Eastern Orthodox style during that time (no animal products of any kind).

A private room would be nice, but not mandatory if the volume level of the place is low. We will likely go on a weeknight.

There will be about 20 of us, and we're looking to spend $50-60 per person for three courses (not including booze). A place that would work with us to put together a fixed price menu with a few apps, mains, and desserts from which to choose from would be ideal.

Any and all ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. The private room of The Occidental is a possibility. I'd consider the wood paneling and the portraits of the US presidents to be a great venue for this group. I've had functions in this room -- most recently last October -- and found the food to be reliably good but not fabulous.

    Frankly, I think you as host play a large role in determining the quality of the food where ever you end up going. I've been involved in organizing work-related dinners at Tivoli, a place not known for its exquisite food.

    The organizers have always arranged and paid for a tasting during which time we've tweaked some details of each dish, if not making outright substitutions among the choices. This extra step pays off. The night of the event, we always get compliments from folks who routinely attend events at Tivoli. They say that while the food can be indifferent at other Tivoli functions, our food is significantly better.

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      I'm a big fan of Dino's which is up in Cleveland Park. They have a dining room and private dining menus. They are pretty flexible about changing their menu around and they have good vegetarian options.