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Jun 22, 2009 11:29 PM

Being relocated from SF bay area to Hoboken- help a fellow hound out?

I'm not trying to replace my Bay area favorites, but need need some help to fill the hole in my heart/ stomach. Places I'll miss: Berkeley Bowl, Cheese Board, Trader Joe's, many local farmer's markets, Tokyo Fish Market, Lunardi's Grocery, Monterey Market, fresh tamales and tortillas, Semifreddo Bakery, 99 Ranch supermarket, just to name a few. I know there is a whole new world to be discovered- any pointers to make this easier for me?

(I'm posting this on the Manhattan board because without a car, it's probably more easily accessed from Hoboken than most of the Tri-state area)

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  1. >(I'm posting this on the Manhattan board because without a car, it's probably more easily accessed from Hoboken than most of the Tri-state area)

    Not sure I get what you're after. If I were moving to Hoboken without car, I'd be looking for dining and shopping options in Hoboken, i.e. on the Tristate board.

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      The PATH train makes access to Manhattan easier than access to, say, Fort Lee. I can cross the state line for good food.

      1. re: WCchopper

        There's a Trader Joe's in Edgewater. I would check out the local cab fares to and from I believe they charge by zone to see if it is cost effective versus convenience. Door to door service without having to lug bags has to be worth something.

        Also in Edgewater is a Whole Foods Store and Mitsuwa Marketplace. As a note, to replace your farmers markets, consider any of the Asian Local produce markets in your area. They offer much better pricing than any large supermarket mentioned.

        Also, The Hoboken Farmer's Market begins on June 30th, running through October.

    2. There's a Trader Joe's on 14th St. just west of 3rd Ave. But squid kun is right. It makes no sense to come into Manhattan to go grocery shopping. And there are plenty of decent restaurants in Hoboken.

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      1. re: small h

        As a Hoboken (and former Berkeley) resident, I disagree that shopping in Manhattan makes no sense, especially if you work here and are carless. Generally speaking, I'd search the board for good options near PATH stations. The Whole Foods locations near PATH (Greenwich St. near WTC, which is pretty quiet and uncrowded, and Union Sq. near 14th St.) are good, as is the TJs on 14th St. You simply won't replicate Berkeley Bowl and the Monterey Mkt, although the Union Sq. greenmarket is your next best bet, and the Hoboken one is reasonably good. It doesn't make sense logistically unless you work near one, but Fairway is the closest equivalent here.

        Also try Sobsey's in Hoboken for produce and good fish/meat, Garden of Eden for the same but less charming, and Grimaldi's for pizza. The local cuban options (Cucharamama, Zafra, and La Isla) are good, too.

      2. Thanks, everyone. Anywhere to get a good range of Asian products? I've heard that Vietnamese is less common there, but kimchee, fresh noodles, fresh chicken feet etc.?

        And thanks for pointing me to a local specialty at Grimaldis. I'm not trying to replace....just find good things where I am.

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        1. re: WCchopper

          As far as delis go, I have a new favorite, corner of Park and 6th (I think it is called Park and 6th Comfort Food). Really good sandwiches and prepared foods and an excellent cheese selection to boot.
          Amanda's is good food, Augustino's is good, as long as you don't mind the owner's wife dropping the F bomb. I have to agree with sholli on the Cuban options, all are good.

          All in all, Hoboken has some good food, but very few places where everything is good. I tend to venture either into NYC or Jersey City when i want a really nice meal.

          1. re: WCchopper

            There's also The Cheese Store in the Monroe Center, on Monroe between 7th and 8th. There is not really a good fish market in town, I hop in the car when I want good fish.There's a few butchers in town but my favorite is Truglios at 1000 Park.

            1. re: roro1831

              Thanks! Where do you drive for fish?

            2. re: WCchopper

              I get asian ingredients in Manhattan, although I work near chinatown, which helps. Deluxe Food Mkt (79 Elizabeth St) is a great option with a wide array of ingredients (including fresh fish, various noodles and dumplings, and I'm pretty sure they have chicken feet) ridiculously cheap, and I use Bangkok Center Grocery (104 Mosco St) for Thai--the guys there are super nice and always happy to help figure out ingredients. I don't know of good asian sources in Hoboken, although I think Jersey City may offer vietnamese. Newark Av. (btw Tonnele nad JFK Blvd) in Jersey City also has excellent Indian--both groceries and restaurants--several of which remind me of Vic's.

            3. Marie's Bakery (261 2nd Street) has fantastic Italian bread and focaccia...