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Jun 22, 2009 10:08 PM

Paris Int'l Cooking School Sydney

Does anyone know anything about the classes and workshops at the Paris International Cooking School in Sydney? Their classes look good, but they require students to supply ingredients. Has anybody taken any of the classes at the school? How much is each student required to bring each week and how much do the ingredients cost, on average? Thanks in advance.

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  1. I did their Knife Skills course a week ago, which didn't require me to bring ingredients. The staff were friendly but it wasn't as flashy and spacious as the Fish Markets cooking school. I guess the longer courses ask for you to bring ingredients?

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      What did you think of the knife skills course? I'd be interested in taking that as well.

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        It was fun, mostly about basic knife explanations/sharpening tips followed by a couple of hours of practising various cuts (A demonstration followed by a practical trial) Then at the end you cook all the stuff you sliced up into a nice 4 course meal.

        It included a few fancy garnish cuts, but mostly useful things like julienne and slicing onions. I doubt it would be anything new to an experienced chef, but it was a fun day, and Lawrence, the instructor, was very friendly (and had a sweet french accent!)