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Jun 22, 2009 09:45 PM

La Iguana/MTL

I went to La Iguana last week, out on Roy Street Est. Mexican all around. Not for newbie’s.
Some 75 families of Tequila, and 250 types, and you an actually get suites if tequila to taste!
I thought I did not like tequila till I tasted real Tequila, now I dream of owning a few of the private reserves the restaurant offers. Imported Tequila, lots of them and I was so surprised at how smooth and easy on the palate it is.
The ambiance was fun and relaxed; the staff seemed to really enjoy their work and were attentive. As for the food, the ceviche was one of the best, perfectly limy and the seafood so tender I wanted to have supper on ceviche only.
My friends had the mushrooms, ok, the crab cakes were different, and the calamari was tender to a fault.
Two of us had mains with Mole sauce (chocolate based), it was a first for me, the filet mignon enchilada was tasty, the meat oh so tender, I am new to mole sauce however and still unsure I love it though I did appreciate its complexities, as delicious it was, I was unable to finish it all!
My companions had the tuna, which was quite delicious, served with a lot of coriander too, at times we forget that coriander is a major ingredient in Mexican cooking and so one of my friends was put off but she still ate it all, that goes to show how tender and savoury it was.

Dessert was a highlight, Tequila sorbet (granité) and deep fried ice cream; you just have to be really hungry for this all.

The place is small, cozy and with the terrace opening on the sidewalk, the ambiance one of a kind, the live music on Thursday, Friday and Saturday more then entertaining, I was enchanted and do certainly plan on returning.

Oh! I forgot, their guacamole was made fresh, garlicky and so delicious, we had to ask for more tortilla chips which are quite different then any others I ever had, salty and tasty. Really, the guacamole was yummy and needs to be tasted over and over again.

Hope you guys visit it this summer, it might not be foodie fair, but it is delicious, different, tasty, great ambiance and awesome staff. The attention to detail is faultless.

So in closing, has anyone else gone?

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  1. i've been a few years back with my friends and i really loved the place. Obviously the stock of tequilla is pretty impressive and i even got to take a few sip of the 20 years old tequilla!! Scotch lovers, you'll loev this tequilla.. unfortunately, it's also 40 bucks the SHOT! so yeah...

    food wise, i was impressed, it was a very long time so i don't remember what i got but if i remembered the experience, it must have been good! My friend from Texas who is a very harsh critic when it comes to Mexican food, and she loves it!

    1. I haven't been there in a while. To be honest the last time we went we were wholly unimpressed. The food was pretty lack-luster tex-mex stuff, as I recall. I'd much rather go to one of the more authentic Mexican joints in town. But I agree the staff is nice.

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        I have a similar impression of La Iguana, though I've not returned since they totally revamped their menu quite a whle ago. The first time we set foot in there was for an impromptu birthday dinner and I was more than satisfied with the trio of enchiladas they offered. Repeat visits seemed to have increased prices, increased gimmicks and decreased quality. I haven't worked up the nerve to return since.

      2. Well, I personnaly decided last year I was not going back to La Iguana. I've been at least once a year for the last few year. When it first opened, it was great. Great terrace in a nice area, and they do make some nice drinks, especially their sangria, made with tequila and sugar canne. The food was ok, not that great, but average for what you get in Montreal (been in Mexico a few times, so my friends say I'm picky in that domain). And it was affordable.

        Now they had slided a little bit since the start, because of the increasing popularity. last year they did an extreme makeover of the menu. So the Sangria and alcohol were still great, the terrace still nice, but the food fallen down a few steps (so now pretty low) and the prices increased on par with the prices on St-Laurent (between Sherbrooke and Prince-Arthur). So after going the last time, looking at the bill and what we got for it, I decided to give it up.

        All that being said, they might have changed again, considering how unsteady they have been since they opened.

        Overall redeeming quality: nice terrace and good drinks
        But: Overall bad food and high prices

        You decide...