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Jun 22, 2009 08:39 PM

Bonnell's in Fort Worth

I went to Bonnell's in Fort Worth Friday, June 19. This is the second time I have been there in two years. Bonnell's has become my favorite Fort Worth restaurant. The atmosphere is classy, yet casual, the service is great, and the food is outstanding. I had the mixed grill with andouille sausage, wild boar chop, and buffalo steak. The cheese grits side dish was great also. Jon Bonnell came out and talked to customers and even gave away from free appetizers to people waiting in the bar for a table. I found out Jon Bonnell worked at Mr. B's in New Orleans at one time. The New Orleans influence is noticeable, yet Bonnell's has its own Texas atmosphere. I have been to Lonesome Dove and Reata, and while I like both places, I have had my best Fort Worth food experience at Bonnell's.

Bigray in Ok

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  1. Thought you might enjoy this, written after a visit in March.

    Bonnell's is expensive, but IMO, not prohibitively so. Also, interesting and might give you more bang for your buck in allowing you to try some decidedly different dishes. We went this Saturday (party of four) and ended up trying the mixed grill - two ordered the buffalo and elk, I ordered the elk & lamb chop. All mixed grill plates are served with a wild boar chop (mine was tough, but it's wild boar, so I expected that, to be honest) and house-made andouille patty. (House made out of what? I dunno.) The fourth diner knew he wanted the elk exclusively, and I don't blame him. It's wonderful. Only caveat - we all decided the saucing might have been excessively peppery. It didn't seem to slow us, however.

    Specials for the night were... artic char, kangaroo, rabbit and.. something that escapes me at the moment.

    Desserts were mixed - my black and white chocolate mousse cups were mixed, indeed - the white wasn't very fluffy - more of a white chocolate soup. However, the reg. choc. was absolutely divine - the huckleberry sauce was fantastic. Other diners ordered & split the tres leches creme brulee, which was fantastic. Cheesecake was... ok. Mixed feelings there.

    Very nice wine list, also. We enjoyed a rich & somewhat peppery cabernet sauvignon from Frog's Leap with the meats very, very much.

    Also, the elk steak, leftover, was absolutely awesome cold.

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