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Jun 22, 2009 08:38 PM

Las Vegas - Romantic Surf n Turf-75pp

We are staying @ MGM on the Strip, my wife & I are looking for a place for our anniversary dinner. Looking for a great Romantic Steak & Seafood restaurant, any help would be much appreciated.

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  1. Craftsteak in the MGM is sleekly modern -- some might not find it romantic, but it is roomy and dark and seafood is more than an afterthought:

    I haven't eaten at Hugo's Cella (in the Four Queens downtown) in more than twenty years, but it's almost a parody of a romantic restaurant: each woman gets a rose; salads and other dishes are prepared tableside, etc. My guess is that the steaks aren't as good as some of the high-end places on the strip, but I've heard from friends that it is still great fun.

    You can probably get out of both places on your budget. Craftsteak has a special prix fixe menu that is a real bargain.

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    1. We enjoyed a meal at Nob Hill during our recent stay at the MGM. While the room is upscale and comfortable I"m not sure it fits the idea of "romantic" keeping in mind everyone has a different idea. But there are private booths available as well and those would definitely be romantic. Can't speak to the steak items as we didn't have it but the seafood was excellent. My husband was very happy with berkshire pork chop and I would expect the steaks to be as well prepared as the chop was. We didn't order from the prix fixe menu that's available and still came in right around $75/pp(not big wine drinkers however, I think there was only one glass on our bill that night). If the prix fixe menu does appeal to you, you'll be well within budget.

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