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Jun 22, 2009 08:06 PM

decent espresso bar? - San Antonio

We'll be in San Antonio for the next 2 weeks. Is there a decent espresso bar -preferably with good baked goods- somewhere in the Wurzbach/Heubner/Blanco road area (you know; where all the medical buildings are)?

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  1. We don't really have anything much like that here. Best shot for baked goods is Mi Tierra (Mexican baked goods) but it's not good coffee (great food though) and it's far from the med center.

    Wildfire coffee is a local coffee shop but it is way up huebner a bit far as well. I think they have baked goods but their espresso is a little weak in my opinion.

    Everything else you'll find in that area is pretty much chain coffee shops - well, that's how it goes here in SA I believe.

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      Thanks, elizsafox. When I was there last, we discovered a gelato place that also offered espresso. It was mid-August, so I always got the cold dessert rather than the hot beverages, but I will try their espresso the next time I go.

      I think it was called "Brinks".