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Jun 22, 2009 07:55 PM

Returning to Chicago after 10 year absence

Need recommendations for how to introduce 19 year old and 23 year old sons to the city. 19 year old is a vegetarian and I want to take him to the very best in town. 23 year old loves steak and baseball - Harry Caray's?? We will be there for a week and would love to know if there is a nice French bistro. Our old favorites are Giordanno's for pizza and Twin Anchors for ribs. We loved Courtyards of Plaka in Greektown but know it is closed so what;s the best option. And any place that is simply not to be missed.

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  1. Vegetarian: Shawn McClain's Green Zebra or Karyn's cooked (for raw try Karyn's)
    Steak: Custom House (oddly also Shawn McClain) or Keefer's
    French Bistro: Le Sardine, Le Bouchon (sister restaurants) or Campagne
    Pizza: Uno and Due
    Greektown: a lot of differences of opinion, but I like Greek Islands and the Parthenon and Santorini

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      Thamks chicgail - Good recommendations all!

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        Pretty sure Twin Anchors still does ribs and it has it's own ambiance. Not sure there's any place in Chicago that I absolutely love for ribs.

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          Smoque BBQ has the best BBQ - brisket and ribs.

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            There is a place a block north of Twin Anchors called Marge's Still that smokes their ribs. I like Marge's ribs better than the boiled ones at Twin Anchors, but I do like the sauce at Twin Anchors better.

      2. I'd go with Green Zebra if you want to impress your progeny with world class vegetarian food. Karyn's scares me (in whatever incarnation) with her love of raw food.
        For steak, I think David Burke gets the nod.
        Bistro: Campagne, Cyrano's (because he's a quack!) or Brasserie Jo. I've heard terrible things from the cooks as to the quality of fish @ Le Bouchon, et al.
        I don't know shinola from deep dish pizza--I like Eduardo's
        If you like Twin Anchors ribs, there may be no hope for you. Bearing that in mind Honey 1 or Smoque are much more authentic. But I'm obviously biased, somehow.
        Again, I don't know Greek from squat, so go figure.
        As far as not to be missed, I vote for Hot Doug's. This country has not seen such a unique emporium in decades. If it's too crowded, take your dog for a walk on the river. Remember to tip with a six pack.

        Enjoy your trip!

        1. Another French bistro is Bistro Zinc on State just south of Elm, in the Rush Street restaurant neighborhood. Also, several Brazilian meat places (churrasquerias) have come in since you left and might be an adventure for your steak-eater. They do a gorgeous salad bar then bring a steady parade of grilled meat to your table until you say STOP. Check out website of Fogo de Chao (the best I think). for pictures and description of a somewhat different format. The trick is to go for lunch when the all-you-can-eat meal is about $25 vs about $50 at dinner. The splendid salad bar can be had alone (no meat, less money) and would please your vegetarian.