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Jun 22, 2009 07:44 PM

Krusteaz Waffle Mix - Any Good?

I just bought a waffle iron and was underwhelmed by the recipe that came with it. I found them to be a bit "cardboardy".

I keep hearing about Krusteaz mix and wanted to know if it was any good. Or should I just keep trying different recipes until I find one I like?

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  1. I've used it from time to time, and found it quite acceptable. I usually use Bisquick, but found this large bag at Sam's Club and had to try it. You just need to add water, so I was suspicious, but it was fine.

    I like Bisquick better because I also make pancakes with the mix (I thin it out more than is required for pancakes, or else they are quite thick), and find this mix a little better in texture than the Krusteaz. The waffles actually develop a crispy outside with Bisquick a bit easier in the waffle iron, probably because you need to add eggs, milk and cooking oil to the Bisquick mix.

    That said, unless I was doing a side-by-side taste test, I wouldn't be able to really say one was much better than the other. Krusteaz will give you a nice light waffle, and you should try it.

      1. I've always used the Krusteaz belgian wafle mix with great results. I've never had anything from them that hasn't been good. I especially like the Honey Wheat pancake mix, it's my backup pantry staple.

        1. I have great success with their pancake mix. I don't get that first raw pancake and the last one burned.

          1. I like both the waffle and pancake mixes from Krusteaz; have used them for years.