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Krusteaz Waffle Mix - Any Good?

I just bought a waffle iron and was underwhelmed by the recipe that came with it. I found them to be a bit "cardboardy".

I keep hearing about Krusteaz mix and wanted to know if it was any good. Or should I just keep trying different recipes until I find one I like?

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  1. I've used it from time to time, and found it quite acceptable. I usually use Bisquick, but found this large bag at Sam's Club and had to try it. You just need to add water, so I was suspicious, but it was fine.

    I like Bisquick better because I also make pancakes with the mix (I thin it out more than is required for pancakes, or else they are quite thick), and find this mix a little better in texture than the Krusteaz. The waffles actually develop a crispy outside with Bisquick a bit easier in the waffle iron, probably because you need to add eggs, milk and cooking oil to the Bisquick mix.

    That said, unless I was doing a side-by-side taste test, I wouldn't be able to really say one was much better than the other. Krusteaz will give you a nice light waffle, and you should try it.

      1. I've always used the Krusteaz belgian wafle mix with great results. I've never had anything from them that hasn't been good. I especially like the Honey Wheat pancake mix, it's my backup pantry staple.

        1. I have great success with their pancake mix. I don't get that first raw pancake and the last one burned.

          1. I like both the waffle and pancake mixes from Krusteaz; have used them for years.

            1. Generally waffle recipes have more fat (melted butter) than pancake ones, to produce a better crust. It is also common to separate the eggs, and fold the whipped whites into the batter at the last moment.

              Your general purpose cookbook (Joy?) should have multiple waffle recipes.

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                This was the included recipe...

                2 Cups flour
                1 Tablespoon sugar
                1 Tablespoon baking powder
                1/4 tsp salt
                1 3/4 C milk
                2 eggs (not separated)
                2 Tablespoons cooking oil

                Combine dry ingredients. Mix wet ingredients and then stir into dry. Pour about a cup of batter into iron and cook for 3 1/2 to 4 minutes.

                They cooked up fine, but just didn't have the taste.

                I'll try Krusteaz and let you know. I also plan on looking at some other "scratch" recipes.

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                  One recipe in Joy ups the salt to 1/2tsp, and the melted butter to 4-16T, and 3 eggs. You could also up the sugar, though with a sweet topping that's less of an issue.

                  Another way to add flavor is with buttermilk (and some baking soda).

              2. I've used for years with great success and no complaints.

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                  I've come to trust anything they make utterly. They have real cooks in a real test kitchen and they do seem to have their focus on making Food, not "Product". Though I seldom use baking mixes for anything, I'll make their lemon squares from the box mix any old time I want some, since they're better than any I've tried to make from scratch. Now that the subject has come up, I think I will try the waffle mix...

                2. I wasn't too thrilled with their pancake mix; don't know their waffle mix. The waffle mix I like is Carbon's. You can buy it at specialty stores or right from them. I never found a recipe as good for Belgian Waffles.