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Jun 22, 2009 06:41 PM

Moving to NYC - Where to live for a die-hard foodie?

Just found out today--company is moving me to NYC for at least one year. My office will be located at 40th Street and Broadway. The question is ... where should I live to maximize the foodie opportunities in NYC... Factors to consider:

1. Avid restaurant diner, but equally if not more avid home cook

2. Prefer hole-in-the-wall ethnic dives rather than "au courant" spots of the moment.

3. Access to a quality grocer store, ethnic markets, and especially produce stands is a must.

4. Prefer to keep the commute under 20 minutes.

5. Want to live in a nice studio / one bedroom -- budget roughly $3,000 / month.

Although the focus is on Manhattan (hence the location of the post), I would consider off-island recos as well.

Many thanks in advance... very excited to explore the city in more depth!

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  1. Murray Hill.

    Elements of Murray Hill that fit your interests--

    Regarding 1 and 3:

    Kalyustan's(walking distance) is an absolutely terrific market--incredible selection, including huge array of ingredients important for an array of ethnic cuisines.

    Also regarding 1 and 3:

    You are walking distance to Grand Central Market which is one of the best places to shop in Manhattan. There's a Murray's cheese and salumeria stall, good produce stand, Wild Edibles for fish, Penzeys for spices, etc...

    Regarding #2:

    There are some delicious south indian options a short walk away(best neighborhood for south indian in manhattan), and you'll be in their delivery zone. Also a short walk away are the terrific Japanese spots of midtown east. Not far from Szechuan Gourmet, one of the best chinese restaurants in manhattan(in delivery zone I believe). Lamazou has some of the city's best sandwiches as well as other mediterranean goods, and is a short walk away.

    Regarding #4:

    Done. You are walking distance from your office.


    Murray Hill is one of the better areas for real estate value in Manhattan. Try to land on a block between Park and Lex or Lex and 3rd,(many of which are lovely brownstone blocks) as 3rd ave can be obnoxious.

    There are other threads that go into more Murray Hill detail, but thats whats off the top of my head...

    1. A few more thoughts came to me after posting.

      Murray Hill is right on the 6 train, so you've got very easy access to other great food neighborhoods(East Village, Chinatown), and aren't terribly far from the 7 train to go into Queens.

      Walking distance to some of the city's best burgers: Blue Smoke, Keen's, Shake Shack, not terribly far from Molly's.

      Walking distance to Eleven Madison Park for fine dining.

      Plenty of other good food things about the neighborhood.

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      1. re: brettnyc

        Hell's Kitchen! (Not that I am biased at all...)
        I have a lot of the same requirements as you. There are a ton of high quality, hole in the wall stores in the lower 40s on 9th. Also, there are plenty of fruit carts in the area. 9th Ave in the high 40s and lower 50s have ethnic resturants galore: multiple Thai restaurants, sushi, Israeli, Iraqi, Afghan, Greek: you name it. ONe down side is that you don't have the larger farmers markets close by, though it's not too far to hop on a train to Union Sq. There are smaller ones scattered throughout. You are prob best off living somewhere between 8&9 or 9&10, where there are a lot of brownstones and also some new bldgs. Relatively inexpensive part of town so you can prob get a good amt of space and also some nice amenities for your price point. Also, you should be able to walk to work within 20 minutes.
        You can look at some of my prior posts for more info on specific places in the area.

        1. re: brettnyc

          Totally agree about Murray Hill where I've lived. for the last several years. Other good neighborhood restaurants: Da Ciro (Italian), Ali Baba (Turkish), Ethos (Greek), Barbes (Moroccan), Serge (French).

          1. re: maxinem

            Really like Serge - what an undiscovered, neighborhood gem. Been several times and earlier this year.

        2. ideally: Union Sq...but anywhere downtown will do...

          don't live above 23rd St...

          1. You will get as many opionions as there are people in Manhattan. For example, I would not choose to live in Murray Hill, and while I love the Village, east and west, I would not want to live near Union Square, which is teeming with people, day and night. Just about anywhere you settle in Manhattan can be a 20 minute commute to your office. Remember, this is a pretty small island and part of the fun is getting around and trying the virtually unlimited variety of food establishments.

            You should spend some time in various neighborhoods and see what appeals for living and everyday eating and shopping.

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