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Jun 22, 2009 06:03 PM

Dinner July 4th and 5th

Need dining options for the fourth and fifth. One with three kids and mom, six total and one night just my wife and I. We were thinking Pub and Kitchen with the kids and Lacroix for just us. We have been to Lacroix before and sat at the chefs table I realize the chef has changed. Should we go back or is there somewhere else we should try. Any thoughts apreciated.

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  1. I would not plan Pub & Kitchen for 6 persons on July 4, they don't take reservations and you could have a long wait.

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      Thanks I think we have ruled out Pub and Kitchen. Is there anywere you would suggest for six people on the fourth

    2. Are you constrained by location or travel? I've eaten out a lot on the 4th of July (it is husband's bday), and usually have no problem walking in to places and getting a table (everyone else is grilling or watching the concert on the parkway). If Pub & Kitchen is too busy, you might try something else in the Rittenhouse area: Devil's Alley, Square on Square, or Continental.

      I would attest that Lacroix is still as good as ever, although if this is for Sunday you may want to call ahead as they've been doing a three course pre fixe there sundays-thursdays. If you like Lacroix, I'd recommend James. Or something in the Jose Garces family: Tinto and Chifa are my favorites.