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Jun 22, 2009 05:50 PM

Gulf Shores/Orange Beach.

I have been to Cobalt. Can you suggest another 2/3 fine dining restaurants near GS/OB with great atmosphere, wine, food and service. Thanks.

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  1. Cosmo's on Canal Road- haven't been but family has been and HIGHLY recommend it-on Canal road on way to the Wharf, We love Live Bait at the Wharf- also Ginny Lane at the Wharf is a fav of a friend that lives down there. We also frequent Doc's- just good old fried seafood and beer-no atmosphere but good fried food, Franco's is a great Italian place-there are many places- good luck and let me know if you try any of these places-what did you think of Cobalt- heard mixed things from terrible to good

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      Cobalt was very nice. Good service, good food and great view of the water. Wine list was nothing to brag about but atmosphere, food and service was outstanding. I would go back.

    2. Cosmo's on Canal Road is excellent. The wait can be long, so go prepared. Jesse's in Magnolia Springs has a wonderful atmosphere and the food is very good. Tin Top in Bon Secour, though I wouldn't call it fine dining, puts out some excellent food. Their steaks are top drawer.

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        What about around Point Clear/Fairhope. I need to get back down there next month. Thanks.

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          The Wash House used to be the class of Fairhope, but I haven't been there in quite a while. Lunch places are good in Fairhope...Sandra's, Panini Pete's and Mary Ann's all come to mind. You might also look at Ivey's in Robertsdale and Cousin Vinnie's in Daphne.

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            OP- did you try any other places

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              Julwyns in Fairhope for the buffet and atmosphere. Hard to beat Sandras in Fairhope. Louisiana Lagniappe and Grazies in Orange Beach. Decent wine list at Louisiana Lagniappe also.