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Jun 22, 2009 05:20 PM

Alma de Cuba versus El Vez on a weeknight

Which one is livelier on a weeknight? I've been to Alma de Cuba and really liked the food and decor - is El Vez similar? What about drinks?

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  1. Easily Alma de Cuba for food. El Vez's food is very poor in my opinion. Margaritas, however, are very good.

    I haven't been to Alma de Cuba on a weeknight but in general El Vez is louder and has a more fun, "party" kind of atmosphere--I once saw a guy piss into a sink there, although that was on a Saturday night.

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    1. re: barryg

      Alma de Cuba is better than El Vez on any day of the week.

    2. They are very different kinds of food. As oher's have said, Alma is better overall. If you want good Mexican with good drinks and a lively atmosphere, try Distrito or Xochitl.

      1. Just had a nice family dinner at El Vez to celebrate my teen daughter's birthday. The atmosphere was fun/noisy, though it was not super crowded on the Sunday night we were there. I hadn't been to El Vez in some time, and really like the food, and especially liked the margaritas (which are priced at $8 and up). We all had different varieties of tacos, so I can't speak to the entress, but the carnitas tacos and mahi mahi tacos stand out in my mind as really tasty. The manchego cheese dip was amazing. And don't forget the 5 varieties of guacamole. I think they used to make it tableside, though apparently not anymore. I would definitely go back to El Vez, and think it would likely be a more lively place than Alma de Cuba.

        1. el vez will definitely be livelier, especially because of the outer seating they have in the summertime. the decor is not even remotely similar, alma de cuba is smooth and clean looking, el vez is a riot, but well done. but, as noted, alma de cuba's food is much better.

          1. El Vez is an awful place. The food is horrible. Alma all the way!