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Jun 22, 2009 05:09 PM

Real Chilli Powder and smoked paprika

I need clarification here - I bought some chilli power for my home made chilli and read the label- it said it had sugar in it. Is this for real?? Should it not be real chilli's and that is it??

Also anyone seen smoked paprika around, and or hungarian paprika

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  1. You can get smoked paprika at Akhavan (Sherbrooke & Grand) - two types, hot & sweet.

    Don't know about the sugar-in-chilli powder question, maybe you could ask that in General Chowhounding Topics.

    1. The reliable Szeged brand Hungarian paprika could be found in a lot of stores: some regular groceries (I think I saw some at Provigo) and also specialty stores (Vieille Europe, Olive et Epices).

      Boucherie Hungroise should also have some, and might have the best turnaround.

      1. Chile (chili in the UK or Canada) powder is a generic name for a spice mix. Chilis are peppers, when you buy them powdered they would be "ground chilis" or a specific pepper name.

        1. Chili powder is a blend. The recipe varies but usually involves powdered/ground chiles, oregano and cumin at a minimum. Sugar has no place in a self-respecting chili powder.

          Have begun seeing La Chinata smoked paprika in several stores, most recently Gourmet Laurier. Other places include Olives et Épices/La Dépense at the JTM, Douceurs du Marché at the AM, Le Maître Boucher in NDG, Vielle Europe and Librairie Espagnol on the Plateau, and more I'm forgetting. There are three types (sweet, hot and bittersweet); bittersweet seems the most common here.

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            You can also get it at Milano on St. Laurent and of course a million other stores who's names escape me right now.

            And just to second Carswell, commercial "chili" powder is indeed a blend of ingredients. If you want pure ground chilis - I have found them at Douceurs du Marche - you can buy Pasillas, Ancho, Chipotle and guajilla chiles in powdered form (they are from the Paul Prud'homme line).

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              Rocky Montana on Sherbrooke in NDG also has a growing variety of dried whole chiles, like Ancho and Pasillas.

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