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Jun 22, 2009 04:32 PM

Pico Robertson Area..any local bars/ taverns?

My gf just moved to the area and I need a local bar..not fancy..just comfortable with good beers on tap and good prices and a good jukebox and good people. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. I drove around and couldn't find anywhere...thx!!

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  1. i live close to you, on the corner of pico and la cienega -- sadly, not that many bars in the area. there is the mint just east of la cienega on pico -- very good music. also, on la brea, just south of wilshire there are a couple of spots.

    there is a bar on the corner of robertson and pico, called joe's something -- never been.

    although not walking distance, culver city, just a couple of minutes away by car has some good new bars.

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      Thanks for the help...I checked it out..Joe's Joint at Robertson and Pico...great place..pretty quiet though...

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        Is there even a young bar crowd in this Pico Robertson neighborhood?Clearly a heavy Jewish population with all of the Kosher restaurants ..seems like not many spots to go out...think my gf has talked me into moving to no man's land...I need young and fun!!!gonna try the La Brea and Wilshire area tonight...

      2. Tom Bergin's on Fairfax
        Sake House Miro and the Little Bar on La Brea

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        1. I think you're gonna have to travel a bit. Up in Hollywood I strongly recommend Blue Palms Brewhouse for an excellent selection of both craft and imported beer on tap and in bottles. I also like the burgers and other sandwiches, wings and..............don't remember (really good beer)!
          I've heard good things about BoHo, beer and pizza, and while it is at the top of my 'To Try List' I regrete that I have not yet been there.
          Although I would not call the original location of Father's Office comfortable and many on this board seem to loath the place and its somewhat quirky food policies, if you're into craft beer you must check it out as it is considered by me and others a 'beer mecca' and is an L.A. institution. The food, starting with 'The Office Burger' (no subs/exclusions accounts for the quirky food policies) and Sweet Potato Fries (best I've had) and everything else I've tried has been so tasty! The new location IS comfortable and also worth a trip for the same great brews and grub. My FO advice, especially for first visits is to go when they open and avoid the crowd, especially at the original bar in Santa Monica.

          Father's Office
          1018 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403

          Father's Office
          3229 Helms Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034

          Blue Palm Lounge
          6126 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

          6372 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028

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            Not sure you need to go all the way to H'wood to find a good bar...Though I wouldn't necessarily argue that where you are is kind of a no man's land

            Bergins and Little Bar are fine, and Culver City is pretty close by as well - Father's Office in CC does have great food and beer selection, although you can run up a big tab there fairly easily

            Randomly discovered Backstage in Culver City the other day - kind of trying to be a better-than-average dive bar, good beer selection, surprisingly good (bar) food...worth a try

          2. I live close by. Closest good bar imo is 3rd Stop on 3rd street East of Robertson. Good beer selection on tap and decent food. St. Nick's, also on 3rd, is a good dive bar usuallly with lots of younger people. Also El Carmen further East on 3rd st.

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              i was just going to mention this. i walked by the other day on my way to and from ludobites at breadbar. loved the look of the menu, and the interior of the bar. if i were in the hood. i would definitely check this one out.

            2. westside tavern at pico/westwood (westside pavillion) - really good food and great cocktails - - gets busy though

              village idiot is really good. not far from pico/robertson area

              i also second 3rd Stop..

              culver city has some great places - quick drive there...bottlerock (small bites and great wine/beer selection); Akasha is more restaurant but very cool