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Jun 22, 2009 04:31 PM

Need Help -downtown SEA

We have several couples coming from various directions and we want to meet/eat near the Warwick Hotel. What we are looking for is a reasonably priced (less than $50/couple) restaurant that will be large enough to accomodate 8-10 persons and quiet enough so we can have a civilized discussion. Since one person is blind and another has mobility issues, nearby parking would be nice. Looking for food that's not too exotic! Liquor would be nice, but not a necessity. Appreciate your assistance.

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  1. The Dahlia Lounge?, Brasa?, Restuarant Zoe?

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    1. re: natalie.warner

      I think all of those are more than $50 per couple. Per person, no problem.

      1. re: babette feasts

        Is Dragon Fish too exotic? Would also recommend Long, if you are willing to do Asian. Not as good as Tamarind Tree, but closer to your request location. For $25/person, ethnic food is your best bet.

    2. You are located near a couple of the Tom Douglas restaurants (hop on line to look at Dahlia and Lola). Barolo is close, too, and may fit your parameters.

      1. or try Steelhead Diner, Tavolata, Palace Kitchen.

        1. Ok. Thank you. If we upped our budget a bit, where could our out of towners get great Pacific NW cooking? We went to Elliot's once in 1998 and it was quite good. Is it still considered good today? Are there better places for fresh seafood?

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          1. re: JohnnyT

            Steelhead is a good recomendation, and may be within your budget. Note that it is on a steep hill, so not srue if your mobility impaired diner would be impacted.

            As previously noted, any tom douglas restaurant would fit the bill. Dhalia is classic. Nice ambiance, easy access, great food.

            1. re: JohnnyT

              Etta's, just North of Pike Place, is good. I've not eaten at Elliott's, beyond the oyster happy hour, but I'm sure it is serviceable, though some limit themselves to oysters there.