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Jun 22, 2009 04:08 PM

Falafel truck-Women's Market (Bethesda)

Has anyone tried this falafel truck yet? I think it is called "Babbo's" (or something like that?)
I pass it on my pilgrimage to Moby Dick and was just wondering. Thanks!

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  1. Yeah, I've tried it 3 times. It is called Ali Baba Falafel. Their falafel is made with mostly fava beans, unlike the kind you are probably use to - made with chick peas. It's the Egyptian style, so it is not fluffy on the inside. They use King Pita. The first time I had it, the falafel included some pickled vegetables in the pita, along with tomatoes and I forget what else. The 2nd and 3rd times, I did not see those pickled vegs. The sauce is spicy, but it's hard to tell what all goes into the falafel sandwich since it is all made inside that truck and you only get the finished product.

    They also have hot dogs, gyros, cheese steaks, etc. The owner gave me a taste of his fava bean dip and it was absolutely delicious. The truck has only been open for a couple of months and the owner says he welcomes input from his customers about the food.

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      Comestibles- Thanks so much-I will have to give i t a try!

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        Where is this located exactly? I'v only had falafel made from fava beans in the Middleeast - never here in the States. This should be really good.

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          It is on Wisconsin Ave in the front corner of the Bethesda Women's Farm Co-op. Maybe you can report on how these compare with the falafel you had in the Middle East.

      2. Tried this for my first time today. I wasn't overly impressed, but maybe my expectations were too high. The falafel itself was good, but not great. The wrap they use is very good, imo. My biggest beef was with the toppings. Seemed a little too American-sandwichy and definitely too juicy.