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Jun 22, 2009 03:48 PM

Mumfords in Shrewsbury?

Has anyone been there and can give me any opinions?

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  1. Been there a few times for lunch. A very interesting menu of sandwiches and salads. Some combinations sound a little strange, but they work! You will not be disappointed. The only real problem is that you'll see four or five (or 20) things you want to try, and need to choose just one.

    And if you have time, take a stroll in the herb garden.

    1. That would be Tinton Falls, not Shrewsbury:

      Sort of a return to roots as he originally started at the Airport Inn which was a couple hundred yards up the road on the corner of Shrewsbury Ave.

      It's been an interesting evolution. Chris' strength has always been in cooked to order dishes. When the culinary center started there was a large counter with warming trays holding precooked dishes. Mumford's style of cooking does not hold up well to this type of setup. Over the years the warming trays were eliminated and the counter was reduced and more tables were added. Now they do table service and most items are made to order, which is more amenable to Chris' style...

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        We were regular patrons of Chris and Debbie's original eponymous restaurant in Long Branch. The innovative Southwestern-style cuisine Chris served there was exceptional. It's been many years since I last stopped by the Tinton Falls location, at which point, it was mainly a take-out operation with only a couple of tables + the cooking classes. Looking at the website, it appears they're serving breakfast and lunch but only an occasional special dinner.

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            Yes, a delicious blast from the past. Thanks, Mark.