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Jun 22, 2009 03:31 PM

Per Se Wine

I was just wondering, I have very little experience with wine, and I would not want to embarrass so could someone give me suggestions on how to order wine at per se.

The wine list is very extensive, though there are quite a few bottles in the $60 range, and if I were to go, I would like to maybe do one white, one red in that range (with maybe a couple glasses of champagne and cocktails to start). Anyone have advice on good items in that range on the list? A way to give the waiter a price range without embarrassing myself?

I just hate to spend too much on wine because I would rather just go out for the meal twice.


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  1. There's nothing embarrassing about stating your prime limitations. You should just say something like, "I'm looking for a red in the price range of $60-$80 a bottle. My preferences are __________________ (insert what you like -- fruity, grassy, etc.)." Sommeliers know that everybody has a limit, even super rich people.

    1. "A way to give the waiter a price range without embarrassing myself?"

      Say to the sommelier, "I'd like to spend in the $60 range for the wine. What do you suggest?"

      1. You won't embarrass yourself. They will ask your range, and just tell them. You may end up with some free drinks!

        1. I chose the wine pairings to go along with the tasting menu, and the wines that the sommelier for me and my Mom (we have completely different tastes) were spot on. Don't be afraid to ask for a recommendation!

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            I'd be surprised if you can get anywhere close to the $60/bottle range doing the wine pairing (I assume you mean a different glass per course). I think the suggestions above are the best way to go. Just ask for a red and a white in the $60 range and let the sommelier choose. You're not going to get anything bad at Per Se.

            1. re: shane

              Yep, I didn't mean to imply that the pairing was $60. I was saying that the sommelier was spot on with every recommendation he made, and that the OP wouldn't have an issue asking for something in their price range.

          2. Hello, I agree with the other posts, I haven't been to Per Se, but I've been to some 3 michelin starred restaurants in San Sebastian. There is NO shame in stating a price range, the sommelier should be happy to help not matter what your budget. I personally think the most interesting wines are in the middle price bracket anyways, how exciting is it when you find a good value yet stunning wine! Best of luck and enjoy! Caitlin