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Jun 22, 2009 03:23 PM

Dinner pre-Shakespeare

Looking for a recommendation for dinner before seeing As You Like It at The Globe on a Friday evening (3 July). We are taking my 20 year old niece to London (her first trip there) and planning several theatre evenings. I'm not familiar with the area around The Globe. My niece is willing to try just about anything and she does like ethnic food. We will be taking her to Tayyabs for Indian, North Sea for fish & chips and Gordon's wine bar for a few libations. The main thing we want is good food in the area. TIA.

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  1. The Turkish chain Tas has a location near the Globe. It's decent food, although nothing spectacular, and the prices are very fair. I enjoyed my meal at the Bloomsbury branch a few months ago. In case nothing else comes up, Tas is not a bad option.

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      The branch of Tas by the theatre specializes in pides, which are like a cross between a pizza and a calzone, and they do quite a nice version, with a light crust. I was just there last week. Since it's so convenient, I think it's a very good bet. But Tapas Brindisa, which I also visited last week, is also a very good suggestion, and pretty close.

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        Yes, I like Brindisi, too. I had a wonderful lunch there last year. Luckily, I was with a visiting friend from the States, and we polished off a lot more than I'd have had on my own.

        I'll have to try a pide one of these days. I've never had one.

    2. gosh, there isn't much around there without getting a little far away.

      maybe the views from the Founders Arms might make up for a little less than truly exciting dining; or even eating top floor at Tate Modern?

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        That is a bit of a tricky area! If you go a bit further East you could head for Magdalen - very good British food (St John alumni) although it is a bit of a walk (nice along the river though). There are also quite a few restaurants/bars in the new development behind the area of the Tate and the Globe - although I'm afraid I cant name any for you but worth exploring.

      2. The Globe is actually really near Borough Market so I'd suggest the Wright Brothers for Seafood, or Brindisa for Tapas - both are buzzy and qiuck service if you need to escape to the theatre.. Nearer to the Globe you have TSURU for Japaneses or for an easy quick bite tyou have the Refinery (not great but nice vibe and quick service). Tas can be hit and miss but I do think the one near the Globe is the nicest. Otherwise there is the Cho[p House and Pont de la Tour but i hear these are overpriced, but they do have nice views. A further walk away More has just opened, and I am hearing good reviews........anyone been yet?

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          I saw a review on More by one of the Dos Hermanos which seemed to be pretty good.

          1. re: pj26

            Ate at More a few weeks ago after reading about it on (a full report later) and thought it was fine, but in the area around Bermondsey Street, I'd prefer The Garrison (and more or less at same price range). A few pounds more and the Magdalen would make a handsome choice.

            Other places worth checking out are:

            Vivat Bacchus (Tooley Street) - South African bent, good wines, very solid cooking with several platters that are good for sharing.

            Applebee's (Borough Market) for excellent and straightforward preparations of seafood

            Viva Verdi (Canvey Street) - Italian hams from Emilia Romagna, and simple but honest and impeccable pasta dishes. I remember loving their polenta.

            Table is another option that I like, but not as much as the ones above.

        2. Sigh - if anyone looks back at my posting history, I'm going to look like the Queen of Chains, but once again a request for food in a specific (and, lets be honest, pretty tricky) spot highlights the value of the ubiquitous Pizza Express.

          They are mere steps away from The Globe (24 New Globe Walk), and have the most spectacular view over the Thames, particularly if you can nab a table by the window upstairs.

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            the location is tricky, for instance rec's for magdalen forget how far a walk that is for pre-theatre.

            so given the location I reckon pizza express is not a bad shout