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Jun 22, 2009 03:19 PM

summer patio for drinks on a monday or sunday night?

i'm looking to find a place downtown (ish) that's good for drinks on a monday or sunday night. it's summer and i want to drink outside on a patio. can anyone make some suggestions? price doesn't really matter, i'm looking for a nice place, not too shi-shi hopefully (though i'm open to those places too) but definitely not too grungy. i'm looking to go for cocktails not pitchers of domestic beer. suggestions?

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  1. The Sky Yard at the Drake, there is a back patio at Sidecar and you could probably get away with just drinking (I mean without ordering dinner) on a Sunday/Monday, Reposado has a back patio (if you're in a tequila-ish mood), might be too chichi, but the terrace at Hyatt is gorgeous.

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      1. re: Squeakycheese

        thanks! i'll put the hyatt on my list, it looks nice. and i've been to the sky yard at the drake, also very nice. and i'm never in the mood for tequila so i don't think i'll be going to reposado :p ... looks like a great little place though!

      2. re: Rabbit

        i've only been to the hyatt once, and it was too chilly to stay outside, but am i missing something/another area of the lounge? the terrace looked awfully small...

        1. re: auberginegal

          The terrace at the Hyatt is small-ish... probably only about 6-8 tables.

          And it can get cold/breezy... although on the right night the feeling of being above the mugginess of Toronto summer can be fantastic.

          Admittedly, if pinkskittles is looking to entertain a group the Hyatt might not be her best venue.

          1. re: Rabbit

            hey thanks. and no i'd only be going with one or two other people. i have nothing planned but i could easily make plans to drink on a nice patio!

            1. re: pinkskittles

              The patio at the Hyatt/Park Plaza used to be the whole roof long ago. They've reno'd it a couple of times making it smaller and smaller. It's also now surrounded by a low wall, so when you're sitting down, there's no view. Great bar, meh patio.

              I'd go to the Black Hoof. Good food, excellent cocktails, nice private backyard deck. And open Sunday and Monday.

              1. re: ChalkBoy

                This is true! The Hoof has some really interesting cocktails. And I really do like the food. Had an awesome BC Spot prawn dish a few weeks back.

                1. re: ChalkBoy

                  I'm not sure how tiny you are, ChalkBoy, but at my whopping 5'2" I can see over the low wall at the Hyatt quite fine. They also provide small, lightweight blankets to any guests who request them. I've also found them folded and ready in the chair on chilly nights. I am Canadian.

                  1. re: Googs

                    Ditto (okay, except I'm 5'3" and not Canadian). Just went up there a couple of weeks ago with visiting friends - one had been to the city a couple of times, the other was having his first visit and his only touristy requirement was to go "somewhere high" - and none of us had any problem seeing the view from the patio. And we wound up needing those blankets when the sun started to drop...they were oh-so-snuggly. Not somewhere I go regularly, but one of my very favorite patios in the city regardless.

        2. You can see if The Fifth rooftop patio is open! I am also very fond of The Globe's patio.

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          1. re: jlunar

            hmm. i've always wanted to check out Globe, maybe i'll do that now that i know they have a rooftop patio. is The Fifth as shishi as their website makes them seem? (boasting about celebrities going there and all that stuff) it looks beautiful but i wouldn't want to be treated like crap or anything.. lol.

            1. re: pinkskittles

              Fifth isn't open on Sunday or Monday so it probably won't make your short list. And it is fancy-schmancy, but I've never been treated poorly.

          2. Sidecar has a beautiful patio out back. Fantastic cocktails are a bonus.

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            1. You might think about Caren's on Cumberland. It's an oasis in Yorkville, with a nice selection of cocktails and wines. Not on the street, but behind, so much more subtle

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                I second Carens. Its a great place to go for a few cocktails. The back patio is beautiful, and there is also a little front patio, if you prefer to do a little bit of people watching.

                Bonus - on chilly nights, they put little blankets out on the chairs so you dont have to move inside.

              2. I LOVE the backyard patio at Olivia's at College and Clinton. The last few times I've been the food/service haven't been spectacular, but MAN is that a romantic patio. Cobblestones and twinkle lights and old-fashioned music and trees. I am just about ready to give that place another shot just so I can enjoy what is quite possibly the prettiest little patio in the city. I would definitely go there for just wine and apps.