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Jun 22, 2009 03:19 PM

GiGi's in Fresno

Has anyone been here recently? I am reading a bunch of mixed reviews. Also, has anyone seen an online menu? We are planning on lunch this week and would appreciate any suggestions as to what to order.

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  1. Stumbled into Gigi's a few months ago while looking for a Sunday lunch. Most of the other places in the shopping center were closed and six of us settled for a first time visit to Gigi's. We were pleasantly surprised by the warm atmosphere and friendly service. For about 20 bucks each, we were offered a family style meal starting with a wonderful mix of salad greens, house vinegarette, artisan bread and balsamic vinegar and oil. Then came the grilled vegetables and pasta followed by a choice of entrees. I had the chicken marsala, and I remember someone having a steak dish. We ended with tiramisu and we were all satisfied puppies. Nothing really fancy. Now I have read some criticisms which ranged from inconsistent quality to poor service. All I can say is that when I ate there the staff was attentive and I liked the food they served. Maybe the Sunday fixed menu is your best bet. We took our time and the meal stretched over two hours.

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      Thanks fresnohotspot. Did you happen to see the regular lunch menu or the wine list?

      I'm checking on this b/c hubby has been trapped in a few Italian restaurants where it is a mostly pasta menu and he is looking for veal or meat entrees. I remember when Parma first opened, she didn't have meat dishes, only pasta...well it was a while before we went back. By then she figured out what the traffic wanted and now serves both.

    2. It seems like Gigi's does have an online site ( but only the main page is up and the menu links don't work...but I found a couple links that mention menu items (which do include meat dishes besides chicken)...


      Urban Spoon:


      It seems that there is an emphasis towards veal dishes. Sorry, I am not familar with the lunch menu though. I think that Gigi's went through the typical "opening" jitters and that might be where the bad reviews came from (plus upscale Italian fare seems to be reviewed rather harshly in Fresno regardless). I really don't think you could go wrong with any of Gigi's veal dishes!!

      Hope that this helps!!

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        Thanks cq, I had missed the web site but had seen the others. Thanks for taking time to check it out for me. Wonder why they didn't finish the site? Think I'll give them a call about the lunch menu. If we go, I'll report back.

      2. Gigi's has taken a turn for the worst!! the resurant used to be a real treat but is headed down hill. the dining room is way to hot. the service is friendly but seemingly getting worse. the menu is not reasonable and leaves you nearly paying $30 for a pasta plate. your best bet is to go on sundays only!! its family style and offers the only reasonably priced menu gigi's has to offer!!!! and muffels the sound of the chef screaming from the back of the resturant. Also the live music is family friendly!

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          Wow, Jeff! I'm glad we opted for the Ripe Tomato. It's not cheap, but the food, service, etc is very good. Are you sure it was the chef screaming? Sounds as if it could have been a dissatisfied customer. Think we'll pass on this one for awhile...