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Best Fries

For my money the best fries are at the Keyport Fishery (take out). Anyone else think so?

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  1. Eh. What geographic areas are you considering? 'Cause if you're staying in Keyport, I'd say they're def not the best at all. And if you're expanding to a larger area, there are far better fries around.

    1. I'm always surprised at how little care or interest many places have in the quality of their french fries. I stopped into a little bar near me several months ago and was surprised to see "fresh cut fries" on the menu (it's the sort of place that one expects gets all their food in frozen bags and boxes). They were so good, I wound up back there a few days later, ordered the "fresh cut fries" OFF THE MENU and was served a side of typical frozen fries. (Bartender- "Sorry, I'm new here.") Stopped in yesterday and the side order that came with the burger were "steak fries". Who know what one will get next- whatever the food service has on sale?

      I've been to places that will routinely switch to abominations like "seasoned fries" or "batter dipped fries" and then back again, without telling customers. I get strange looks from the staff now when I ask "Are they 'regular' french fries, or battered or seasoned."

      1. I agree totally about the fries at Keyport Fishery. I'll stop by sometimes just for the fries to go along with something I'm making at home.

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          I have become quite fond of the fries at Five Guys!

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              Ugg, you're opinion. Five Guys has very good boardwalk style fries.

        2. Never been to the Keyport Fishery and will have to try their fries sometime. My favorites fries are at The Heidelberg Bar on the Keansburg "boardwalk", the Windmill in Long Branch and The Pour House, Tinton Falls.

          1. I find that the Memphis Pig out has excellent fries

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              The problem with Memphis Pig out is that they cut and fry their own...

              Yes... Problem.

              As a result they can vary greatly from variables that are out of their control. Depending on the age of the potatoes, moisture and starch content, time of year, phase of the moon, tides etc. etc. etc... Sometimes they rival the best fries I've ever had, other times you can literally tie them in a knot.

            2. Mr. Pizza slice in Red Bank has the BEST fries on the planet! I've been eating them for over 25 years!

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                Oh my God, I LOVE Mr. Pizza Slice fries - forgot all about them. Used to work at the movie theatre on White Street in high school (many moons ago) and we were always taking turns running over to Mr. Pizza Slice for "provisions" - good memories...

              2. In my opinion, Max's, Windmill, Five Guys & Nathans. All good. Haven't tried Keyport Fishery (take out) yet.

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                    My favorite fries are at Cheeburger Cheeburger. The onion rings are excellent as well.

                1. I'd be curious to know what everyone considers a good fry? I'll bet we get some differing opinions. ;)

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                    I''m a cheeseburger & fries lover. A tasty cheeseburger will bring me back to a place without the fries being anything special. At some places, the fries are memorable & can influence my decision. As I stated above, Max's, Windmill, Five Guys & Nathans are my favorites. (I don't order a cheeseburger at Nathans.) I think that the the fries that I really enjoy might have something to do with the way that they hold the salt.

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                      Thin and well done - a well done crinkle cut is probably my fave... (by well done I mean cooked a long time...not a beautifully cut fry!)

                    2. another vote for 5 Guys... but one should not discount the original Windmill in West End, the sweet potato fries at BOOM nor the Long Branch Fries at the otherwise forgettable Ivy League in Howell

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                      1. re: aklein

                        I'm surprised to see so many votes for 5 guys. Am I missing something? They always come out so soggy...

                        1. re: joonjoon

                          Yeah – I was similarly surprised by the number of nominations for frozen and/or processed fries.

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                            they are fresh cut, first blanched in oil, then fried a second time, there are bags of potatoes all over the store... are we talking about the same place? Five Guys Burgers and Fries???

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                              Nope – never been. I probably put that in the wrong spot, but it seemed like there were lots of Windmill, Nathans, etc.

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                                Went to 5 Guys last night. Fries had same inconsistency that plagues many places that try fresh cut. These were limp and greasy. I have had good fries there but this was obviously a batch of potatoes that was outside there control parameters...

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                                  Went to Five Guys today, Shrewsbury. Fries were fine. Not as crispy as I've had other times, but definitely not soggy. Perhaps it's a function of how busy they are. (But I tend to pig out in the peanuts more than the fries, anyway.)

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                                    A few lives ago, I put in my time on the Boardwalk. I submit that the inconsistencies you experience with the fries are due to improperly blanching them during the intermediate step.

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                                      Could be, but I really can't say. My only relevant experience was making McDonald's Fries out of fresh potatoes (i.e. peel, wash, cut, fry). I think that was around 1875 or so. :)

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                              Not mine. They are always hot and fresh out of the fryer. Which one are you going to?

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                                I've tried 5Guys fries at Ocean and Shrewsbury, and always get what Mark described. Soggy, limp and greasy fries.

                                1. re: joonjoon

                                  I haven't had that problem at either place. Perhaps you leave them in the bag too long? That could cause it.

                                  1. re: cantkick

                                    I start eating mine out of the bag as soon as I get into the car. Sometimes they are good, the last time I could tie them in a knot. One thing Iv'e noticed in every case is the fries that stay in the cup they come packed in always get soggy. The crisp ones are the ones that fall out of the cup and end up at the bottom of the bag...

                            3. Sad to say but McDonald's the lard years.

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                              1. re: shabbystorm

                                Anyone know of a place where they still cook in tallow or use duck fat?

                                1. re: jrd303

                                  Hot Dougs. It might be a journey as it's located in Chicago...

                                2. re: shabbystorm

                                  I was gonna say!!! Oops I meant McDonald's the lard years.

                                3. The best fries I've had lately were at Red's Lobster Pot in Point. Boardwalk style - fresh potatoes - fried twice - malt vinegar & ketchup!

                                  1. Not going too far, the Windmill in Long Branch has far better fries- especially cheese fries.

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                                      I have always loved Circus Drive-In (Wall, NJ) fries...if you ask them to make them a little well done...life doesn't get much better. And I share in the confusion of Five Guys...meh...

                                      1. re: The Megadon

                                        Did 5 Guys again last night. Second time i a row the fries were limp and greasy. You could have tied them in a knot...

                                    2. Glad to see that I'm not the only one who loves the fries at the Memphis Pig Out, they're my favorite. Also mentioned were the Keansburg Boardwalk fries (with white vinegar, somewhere through the years the malt vinegar was replaced), not from the Heidelberg though, the stand is located outside of the bar, but for years it was the only outside food that was allowed into the Heidelberg. Sadly the Heidelberg stopped serving beer last year, and this year became a sub shop, so unfortunately those hot dog cravings from there will never be satisfied. As far as sweet potato fries go, I enjoyed the sweets from Boom, however imho McDonagh's Pub in Keyport has the best I've ever had. They also serve very good burger.

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                                        OMG, I'm devastated. for years I have been going to the Heidelberg for my summer hot dog fix. It was a ritual - the Heidelberg for a hotdog and root beer, then down to the french fries stand for a cup of fries - then down a little further for dessert - a waffle and ice cream. I guess all things must end.
                                        I am heartbroken.

                                        1. re: Applecheeks

                                          The Heidleburg is still there. Half of the building (the side facing the street) is a sub shop. If you go to the Boardwalk you will find the Heidelburg.

                                            1. re: hotdoglover

                                              Thanks for the heads up. Did you notice if the liquor license returned, or is it still hot dogs only this year?

                                              1. re: DrewBB

                                                A friend of mine went last week. They still have beer, but the ownership changed. The name is different (Nicky's?) and they use a tiny 12 to a lb skinless Sabrett that is overpriced. My friend paid $3.50 for a tiny chilidog. But they do have beer.

                                                1. re: hotdoglover

                                                  Thank you hotdoglover. I grew up going there, and it just didn't feel right last year. I'll still have to go at least once this year.

                                                  1. re: DrewBB

                                                    Been going to Heidelberg for dogs and root beer since I was a kid. Sadly, my dad had a hankering a few weeks ago so we went there. As mentioned new owners, different dogs. It was terrible. And they just threw the wet sauerkraut on there to the point the whole bun was soggy, as opposed to throwing it on the grill which made it perfect.

                                        2. Has anyone tried these Tornado Fries they speak of?


                                          1. Believe it or not Id have to say some good fried are found at White Castle.

                                            1. Thrashers on the boardwalk in Ocean City MD. Vinegar only. They can't be beat. I only go to OCMD once a year and always get a large bucket for lunch one day.

                                              1. Tried Jersey Burger, Main St. in Belmar last Friday and although the burger was just OK the fries were delicious. Made the old fashioned way being hand cut from long spuds then fried in a light oil and well drained with just the right amount of salt added. Must admit these were far better than 5 Guys or any of the other burger joints or bars around the shore area.

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                                                  can't argue with the fries, which may be the only good thing Jersey Burger has going for it... you would think that once ownership decided to reinvent the place and boast just BURGERS, FRIES & SHAKES that they would consider the fact that within just a few miles are Boom, The Boathouse, Five Guys, Bobby's Burger Palace and several others with better burgers and more choices... perplexing and sad, really

                                                  1. re: aklein

                                                    I've never tried them but my husband says the fries at the Blue Claws stadium are the best he's ever had. I love the sweet potato fries at Market in the Middle.