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Jun 22, 2009 03:17 PM

Best Fries

For my money the best fries are at the Keyport Fishery (take out). Anyone else think so?

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  1. Eh. What geographic areas are you considering? 'Cause if you're staying in Keyport, I'd say they're def not the best at all. And if you're expanding to a larger area, there are far better fries around.

    1. I'm always surprised at how little care or interest many places have in the quality of their french fries. I stopped into a little bar near me several months ago and was surprised to see "fresh cut fries" on the menu (it's the sort of place that one expects gets all their food in frozen bags and boxes). They were so good, I wound up back there a few days later, ordered the "fresh cut fries" OFF THE MENU and was served a side of typical frozen fries. (Bartender- "Sorry, I'm new here.") Stopped in yesterday and the side order that came with the burger were "steak fries". Who know what one will get next- whatever the food service has on sale?

      I've been to places that will routinely switch to abominations like "seasoned fries" or "batter dipped fries" and then back again, without telling customers. I get strange looks from the staff now when I ask "Are they 'regular' french fries, or battered or seasoned."

      1. I agree totally about the fries at Keyport Fishery. I'll stop by sometimes just for the fries to go along with something I'm making at home.

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          I have become quite fond of the fries at Five Guys!

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              Ugg, you're opinion. Five Guys has very good boardwalk style fries.

        2. Never been to the Keyport Fishery and will have to try their fries sometime. My favorites fries are at The Heidelberg Bar on the Keansburg "boardwalk", the Windmill in Long Branch and The Pour House, Tinton Falls.

          1. I find that the Memphis Pig out has excellent fries

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              The problem with Memphis Pig out is that they cut and fry their own...

              Yes... Problem.

              As a result they can vary greatly from variables that are out of their control. Depending on the age of the potatoes, moisture and starch content, time of year, phase of the moon, tides etc. etc. etc... Sometimes they rival the best fries I've ever had, other times you can literally tie them in a knot.