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Jun 22, 2009 02:26 PM

Is it time to buy a new grill?

We have a handmedown gas grill that is rusting to all get out. I just cleaned it again and noticed that there are big flakes rusting off. Also, the igniter doesn't work and I've cleaned it out as well as I possibly can so I think it may be busted and not just full of grime. We're grill novices (and not real regular users) and I have no idea if we're ok to keep grilling on this puppy? or if it's time to throw in the towel and buy a new one.



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  1. Assuming this is a grill for which no replacement parts are easily found (for example, you can replace rusting Weber grates), I'd probably get rid of anything that is really rusting out. Rust can flake off into your food and ruin the taste.

    Be sure to get a nice cover for your replacement grill. It will keep it healthier for a longer period of time.

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      I agree. Just because it is not igniting doesn't mean the *gas* ain't there,building up where a spark can ignite from another source.

    2. You can buy almost any grill part as a replacement. This place has lots of parts: burner plates, burners, ignitors, etc
      I have an off brand grill brand given to me as a house warming gift in 1995. So far I have replaced the burners 3 times, the grill plates four and the ignitor once. The parts aren't expensive and this place ships very quickly. I am sure there are lots of places like this one that sell grill parts, Home Depot and Lowes do too.

      1. You did not indicate where the rust is. Check to see if the foundation or supporting frame is sound to support the grill. If not, you should junk it cause it may collapse. Also, you need to figure out a way to stop the rusting. Contact the manufacturer to see if they have suggestions. If you opt to buy a gas grill, check out Consumer Reports. They had a report on grills a few month ago. If anything, I like their explanations of materials used. For instance, I did not know that there are different grades of "stainless steel". Good stuff to know if you buying a new grill for the first time. LOL

        1. Thanks all!

          The rust is all over the burner plate, the actual internal body of the grill and the superfluous seeming parts of the grill stand. I've replaced the grates. One of the tricky things seems to be that some parts are fastened to the grill in a way in which I can't remove them...burner, igniter...hexagonal looking screws with perfectly round holes. I'll have to look at a place with parts to see if I'm missing something.

          The igniter work around is currently to turn the gas on and then light with an extended lighter which is fine by me but makes the hubby squeemish.

          And thanks for the tips on buying a new one. When we actually get to that point I'll be grateful to have the info. :)

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          1. re: emmaroseeats

            lots of perfectly good grills on craigslist etc right now. good place to get a good buy, esp for novice grillers. you also might consider limping along with what you have for a couple more months, then getting a great deal on a brand new close-out grill in august/september (grills tend to go on *big* sale after july 4th, then again at the end of grill season-- you can wait and get the grill of your choice on sale if you keep an eye out). just keep the new grill in the box until next spring, even. the thrill is in the chase, as they say.

            1. re: emmaroseeats

              The hexagon screws -try a socket wrench to take them off. If rusted, try "liquid wrench" be careful, it is flamable.

              Igniter-these are battery operated. is your battery still good? My battery is located inside the "button" of the igniter. See if you can disasemble the igniter to replace the battery.

              1. re: emmaroseeats

                Some of the parts like my burner have permanently mounted screws that do not need to be removed or loosened. The new burner has the same screws, they help elevate the burner above the floor of the grill body. The burner tubes slip into place and the screws are use more as feet and slip into a u shaped slot. My new ignitor slips in a slot on the grill. My old one was screwed on, but the new design makes that no longer necessary

                1. re: kayakado

                  Good call on checking for a battery. I'll do that and see if the tubes are easily removable.

                  I'll also be waiting for those end of summer sales if we decide this one isn't recoverable.

                  Thanks again all!