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Jun 22, 2009 02:17 PM

Need Recs for Blue Ridge Pkwy

Chowhounds - you have never failed me, so I call on you again! Will be based out of Boone, NC in the middle of October and need hits/misses in and around this area as we enjoy the fall colors. Open to all cuisines and all prices. Always willing to try the new and different, as well as comfort. Heard about Zambras in Asheville, so that's already on my list. Willing to travel for good food! Thanks!

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  1. If you do a search for Ashevile, Boone and Blowing Rock (a town near Boone with lots of restaurants) you'll find lots of suggestions. And while Asheville is a wonderful food town, be aware that its a long way from Boone, somewhere around 2 hours.

    1. Thanks! I already have a rec for a bbq place called 'Spears' in Linville Falls. Any feedback?

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        While you may want to make a day trip to visit Asheville, it would be a long haul to go for dinner. Look at this site for Boone/Blowing Rock/Banner Elk aka: "High Country" for dinner options. Here is a link to a local weekly newpaper:

        The Mountain Times will have a Fall Visitors Guide that will have events listed for October.

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          A wonderful day trip is to get on BRP and go south, first stop the Lynn Cove Viaduct visitors area. Then tour Grandfather Mountain and the mile high swingin bridge. Back on BRP to Linville Falls for easy hiking and great views. BRP south to the Altapass area nd pick up some apples. Couple more miles and dine at the Inn at Little Switzeraland which has great views. This is a nice little side trip and could occupy your entire day.

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            Make sure you check the BRP website for road closures, Currently, miles 370-381 and 385-382 are closed near Boone.

      2. Thanks for the tips! Have been keeping a close on closures (thanks!), so at least we won't be surprised when we get there. Day trips sounds great, Jesco, and plan to take full advantage. Would like to have for the day trips a picnic lunch of local produce, meats, breads, wines, etc. Any advice where to purchase, or just stop when the 'gettins' look good? Thanks again!

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          A great place for a picnic is the picnic area at Price Park right outside of Blowing Rock going south.