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Jun 22, 2009 02:05 PM

Is the Pringles container recyclable?

My son loves Pringles and goes through about a container a week.

The container (the cylindrical can that resembles a tennis ball can) seems like it should be recyclable, but I can't find any evidence that it is on the package. It seems to be made of cardboard, but has metal on the ends, so I'm not even sure if I'd put it in with my paper or my cans and bottles.

In these parts, the half-gallon containers used for milk, juice, etc., and also juice boxes, are recycled with cans and bottles as well.

Does anyone know?

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  1. No according to the website (which was a surprise as it appears to be cardboard):

    "Is the Pringles can recyclable?
    I'm glad to hear you share our interest in recycling! While our Pringles can isn't recyclable, 50% of the package comes from recycled material. In fact, 15% actually comes from the recycling efforts of people like you and me! You may find it interesting to know we have a team assigned specifically to environmental issues and one of their goals is to help reduce solid waste."

    This seems odd. I would take a can opener and remove the ends then toss the cardboard in with paper and the metal parts in the plastic/metal/glass bin.

    1. This made me curious as well! According to Western Recycling in Boise, the answer is, "No," due to the dual materials that comprise the package.

      ETA: I think we made kaliedascopes one year back in grade school if you're looking for ideas on reusing.

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        There's a whole list of science projects that are made with Pringles cans.

        1. re: enbell

          They are also a great container to put cutlery in when we go camping.

          1. re: Sparklebright

            Wow what a great idea.
            Thanks for the tip.

            1. re: Sparklebright

              We store the long fireplace matches, sharp skewers for the grill, camping cutlery, bar tools and craft supplies in emptied Pringles cans.

              I've never recycled one though. Our town won't take them.

              1. re: HillJ

                They are of course re-usable, but they are not recyclable. Fiber that has a high content (over 2%) of glue, wax, or foil is landfill- bound.

          2. I thought the container was made from the same stuff they use to stamp out the chips.

            1. Not recyclable but useful for many classroom projects. Donate them to a local elementary school or daycare center.

              1. I'm with TA, Why would anyone want to recycle a Pringles can? They are very useful for all kinds of sundry storage Why anyone would want to eat Pringles is a different question. The can is pretty good though and almost worth the price. I suppose one could feed the product to the birds or something and then be ecologically correct.