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Jun 22, 2009 02:05 PM

Restaurants Camden Maine Area

Visiting Camden ME area this weekend. Looking for suggestions for lunch & dinner. Have reservations at Harstone Inn for Sat.

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  1. We enjoyed Cafe Miranda in Rockland. They had local fish and the place had a funky vibe.

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      Having lived and worked in the area for almost 20 years, as a purveyor and restaurant employee, I know that you will find no shortage of options, but there are some that stand out. Top of my list (and many peoples'), is Primo in Rockland. Francine in Camden would be second, and close to where you are staying. In Good Company is also in Rockland and offers fine food and a great selection of beer and wine. Also worth researching is Natalies. Where ever you go be aware that the local constabulary is like a swarm of angry bees on weekends, and there is a strictly enforced jaywalking law ($137fine) in Camden and Rockland, so use the crosswalks, where drivers are required to stop for you.

    2. Just a tourist, not a local -- but also a fan of Cafe Miranda for casual, eclectic food; and Lily Bistrro in Rockland for simple but delicious (and usually locally-sourced) fare.

      1. Thanks for all your suggestions! I'm getting hungry :)

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          If it's where I think you're describing, it' is now a coffee shop called Zoots.

        2. I have wondering for a while...about three years ago we were in camden and found a great restaurant, it was on the main street, had a covered patio on the side of the building(where a band was playing) and was pretty small on the inside. We actually just got take out because we were starving and they were jammed! The food was fabulous...does anyone know the name or if it is still there?? We will be in Maine in a few weeks, and will make the drive to Camden if it is still there...

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            There's a little Thai resto on the main drag with a patio- the Thai Kitchen. It's had many good reviews here- possibly what you're thinking?

            1. re: happybellynh

              Maybe, that is the spot but this rstaurant wasn't Thai, It was just a mix of everything lots of veg options/seafood/ kind of a mex vibe if I remember correctly and they served breakfast as well...I'm guessing it's not there anymore

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              Is it The Waterfront?

              Mariner's, The Village Restaurant and I think Camden Deli all have decks/outdoor seating.

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                It was definitely South by Southwest, which has unfortunately closed. Try Boynton McKay for yummy and affordable breakfast, the chef/owner at South By Southwest got started in the area working at Boynton.

                I am a HUGE fan of the Waterfront cocktail deck for drinks and mussels and Francine for dinner Camden my opinion there's nothing finer on a gorgeous night.

                1. re: camdenkid

                  It WAS South by Southwest!! I am soo upset it's closed :( We just had takeout one night 4 yrs ago and still talk about it. They were so packed and it was our last night... I hate it when the good ones don't make it!

              2. Hartstone should be a pretty good start, actually! The cooking there is really fundamentally sound. The atmosphere is charming, too. If you get down to Rockland, The Brown Bag is great for lunch. I also have a soft spot in my head for the Rockland Diner.