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Jun 22, 2009 02:03 PM

Food Trucks

Two newish food trucks in the Seattle area - Maximus/Minimus and Marination.

Maximus/Minimus: Permanently (?) in a parking lot on the corner of Pike and 2nd - can't miss it, it's an airstream trailer converted into a giant metal pig! The same folks who own Beecher's cheese, own this new truck. The menu is short, and each item has a maximus (spicy) or minimus (sweet) option. No seats.

- Pulled pork sandwich. We tried the maximus sauce, which is nice, but really not hot. Order it with some "hurt" if you want spice. You can add cheese (grated, too mild to taste) to the sandwich which comes on a ciabatta-like roll.

-Coleslaw. We tried the maximus version, which was nice, but not spicy. Cilantro, etc. Sort of an asian vibe.

- Veggie chips. Slices of beets, sweet potatoes, greenbeans, etc. These were really soggy and greasy. Otherwise, a nice concept.

- Drinks: Hibiscus nectar (minimus) or ginger lemonade (maximus). I had the GL, which was really nice and refreshing.

I'd go back, but I wouldn't wait in the 50 person + line I saw there a couple Fridays ago!

Marination: New Hawaiian/Korean/Mexican fusion truck. We caught it at the Shell station at Broadway and Pike last Friday evening. There's no where to sit or even to really stand to eat, FYI.

We had:

- Spam musubi. LAME. Rice to spam ratio was way off (should have been like 3x as much rice) and the whole thing was pre-made and refrigerated, served cold. They should make these to order (it takes about 1 min).

- Kimchee rice bowl + kalbi beef. Kimchee fried rice (too salty), plus kimchee, plus a fried egg (beautiful, but yolk half-hard), plus small strips of kalbi beef. This was a total salt bomb. If they'd just put plain white rice in there it would have been fine, but with the kimchee fried rice as a base, it was difficult to eat. I didn't finish it.

- Kalua pork quesidilla. We liked this one a lot. It had a nice spicy creamy sauce drizzled on it and the pork was nice and flavorful. We'd get this one again.

We didn't get to order the korean tacos or spam sliders...maybe next time!

Anyone else tried these trucks out? Any other favs?

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  1. I really enjoyed my kim chi quesadilla (think it is the kalua pork one too, menued as kim chi, contained pork as well) and thought it was great and made us want to go back for more at Marination Mobile

    We also tried TakoTruk. Really interesting flavors and such, not so hot on the execution--tough tako (octopus), dry pork. Best thing was the simplest--pork tamal, very traditionally prepared and at least 2 times the cost of it at real taco truck. Disappointing, as I like their concept.

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    1. re: dagoose

      Where did you catch the TakoTruk?

      1. re: akq

        TakoTruk is a non-mobile location by the Zoo Tavern on Eastlake.

    2. We hit Marination Mobile on Sunday in Ballard (same parking lot as Paseo's). We ordered nearly one of everything. I thought that the kimchi quesadilla was good, although I scarfed it down while driving home so I cannot comment too much on the ingredients.

      Pork Sliders - I like it, although it had a bit too much bun for me. I rather taste what was inside. I also thought that it could have used a bit more sauce. Next time that I go, I'll order it with extra sauce.

      Tacos - had one of each (at 2 bucks/2 tacos it was easy to splurge). I thought that the tofu was ok and the Kalbi was fine. The star was either the miso chicken or the spicy pork, of which my wife and I couldn't agree on which was which. They were both flavorful. Order a lot as they are small 3 bit type tacos.

      All in all, a good first time and we shall return in a couple weeks to give them a chance to smooth out the process (took a bit long to get the food, see the quesadilla section).