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Jun 22, 2009 01:37 PM

No CSF Pick-ups tomorrow

Bad weather has come to bear on the CSF operation. From their email:

"With such strong gales and 10 - 15 foot waves out there, we don't want to comprise the safety of our fishermen. We hope you understand. We will happily extend the season for an additional week on the other end so no one misses out on their shares in the long run."

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  1. I would love to hear more feedback as the season progresses. I did not join it but would be interested if the reviews are good.

    1. CSF? Community supporte fishermen?

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      1. A couple of friends (they can correct me or add-on) said they were very happy with the quality and found the price amazing! They had decided to split a share.

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          WBUR ran a story recently, too.

          1. re: fredid

            I'm sorry there was no fish pick up this week, but (if I can speak for my co-sharer) I think one of the reasons we signed up for this was to share more directly in the ocean-to-table experience, and this includes respecting the judgement of "our" fisherman not to go out in bad weather.

            1. re: cassis

              Yeah, it forced me to go to Courthouse seafood for fish for my caldeirada. Had a nice chat with the fishmonger about squid. He suggests leaving the skin on if it's fresh, and it was indeed very good. I could have eaten it as sashimi!

              BTW, I finished the last of last week's cod on Monday.(from my Tuesday pick-up) No kidding. I had cooked it roasted in fennel and tomato sauce, and by Monday, everything was heated up in soup, down to the cartilege between the bones...Who says Americans don't treat the whole fish as food!

              1. re: cassis

                Right! Respecting the safety of the fishermen was one of the (many) reasons I signed on. I heard someone in Newburyport talking about how high the swells were saying "there must be a heck of a storm out there somewhere."