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Jun 22, 2009 01:31 PM

Vodka sauce recipe?

I had a taste of a delicious Vodka sauce last week. It wasn't like what I consider a typical Vodka sauce: tomato based with Vodka and a touch of cream (almost a blush sauce). This sauce was mostly white from cream with chopped tomatoes, basil, and the Vodka flavor was fairly strong. Even though cream was used, the sauce was not as heavy or rich as an Alfredo sauce. Does anyone have a recipe that sounds similar to what I am talking about? I'd love to make it at home.

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    1. How funny, I just made some last weekend for the first time. I used this recipe, from Lidia's Italian-American Kitchen:

      I think it is a good base for you modify according to your tastes. For example, the recipe has you keep the tomatoes a bit chunky but I wanted a smoother sauce so I pureed the tomatoes for mine. I sometimes like to add crab.

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        Thanks, I have made Lidia's version before, but it's much like the regular recipe I described that I usually make. Mostly tomatoes, with very little cream. The other recipe I am trying to get close to has some tomatoes, but it is a really a cream based sauce. Lidia's version is good, though.

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          do a search for america's test kitchen's version. it is very easy and very delicious!

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            I looked at that recipe as well when I was looking for the one to make the kind of sauce I wanted. The tomato/cream ratio, which seems to be OP's main concern, was similar in these two so if Lidia's is too tomatoey, this one probably is for OP as well.

            I'm wondering though why not try one of these and just tinker with the tomato/cream ratio until it is to your liking? You could even use jsut a dab of tomato paste if you're only looking for a hint of pink color without any actual bits of tomato.

      2. i don't mean to be flip--the sauce sounds very good--but couldn't you follow the steps for making tomato/cream/vodka sauce and leave out the cooked tomatoes and tomato paste and add some chopped fresh tomatoes--maybe some in the onion base and some after adding the cream?

        a bacon fat and cooked onion base sounds good here, a little basil. a whack of garlic, s/p a few chopped tomatoes cooked until soft,add vodka cook down,add cream, more chopped tomatoes, , a bit of a steep, reseason, add additional chopped basil. would that get you close? it'd be fairly thin since any heft would need to come from reduction

        1. The one thing that turned my vodka sauce from really good to spectacular was browning some chopped prosciutto. Once rendered, remove from the pan, make your sauce, and add it back in at the end. Makes such a huge difference.

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            I start with proscuitto and shallots, then just tomato paste with the cream. 5oz of vodka at the end. This is off the top of my head, probably forgetting something, but it is much creamier than most. And the flavor of the vodka is perfect (to me anyway).