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Jun 22, 2009 01:21 PM

Paris: Marais, 5th or 6th dinner for 12 US M.A. students

We are 2 professors who have a group of masters students here for a course. We want to take them somewhere for a last night dinner. Up to 40-50 euros per person. Some of them were taken by one other professor to Les Papilles (which I don't know) in the 5th and loved it, so something like that would be good. We'd like it to be typically metropole French (so, not cous cous, say). It would be good for it to be in the Marais or the 5th or the 6th.

These are not summer abroad undergrads but advanced masters students who are studying topics like globalization and nationhood so it would be nice to have a place that they can feel is sophisticated.

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  1. Le Pré Verre, out of the blue. What day of the week is your dinner? Options are limited sat-mon