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Jun 22, 2009 01:12 PM

T.O's Best Sangria?

Summer has arrived, the patios are filling up and there is nothing I like more than sitting out in the sun with a jug of sangria. I like to think that my sangria can hold its own amoung the best but for me to prove this theory i would like to get everyones opinion as to what the best is. If you know of a place which does a great sangria (it has to be great as my sangria is very good and i am looking for better.) please let me know and i will take a few of my friends and check it out.

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    1. Good Question!! I love sangria as well.
      Although I have never tried it, alot of posters on this board have recommended Torito in Kensington.
      Nirvana offers a pitcher for 15, which is a great deal financially, but nothing special taste wise. In comparison, cafe diplomatico charges 30 a pitcher. I never tried theirs but heard others at another table speaking highly of it.
      I read another post recently that mentioned Cava has great sangria.
      Looking forward to what others have to say

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        1. Another vote for Torito.

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