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Jun 22, 2009 12:43 PM

Steak Restaurant in Brooklyn

Of course, there is no other steakhouse that can compete with Peter Lugers in Brooklyn. Having said that - last night we ate at Prime Meat on Court Street and it was very good. The restaurant was recently opened by the people from "Frankies" down the block. It is very small with an oldtime steakhouse atmosphere. Service was attentive, but the preparation process was slow- our steak did alot of "resting" before it was sliced and served. There were 3 in our party. We shared a boiled white weiner with a Bavarian pretzel and sweet mustard for an appetizer. The 36oz ribeye steak was perfectly cooked (although alittle fatty even for ribeye) and was delicious. As sides we had mushroom spatzel and braised cabbage, both excellent. With a bottle of wine, but no dessert the bill was a reasonable $116+tip.
Anyone recommend any other steakhouses in Brooklyn?

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  1. DeStefano's in Williamsburg is really good. I highly recommend the porterhouse for 2.

    1. The Woodburning Pit in Bay Ridge on Fifth Ave @ 67th St makes a nice Portuguese style steak. Maybe not what you're looking for if you're looking for a classic steakhouse. But if you'd enjoy: A garden table. A nice pitcher of fruity sangria. And a big, tender, tasty steak that comes with mounds of french fried potatoes and rice, you might like to try The Woodburning Pit. Wwe ordered a side salad too so we wouldn't die of too much meat with not enough veggies!) Oh and it's amazingly inexpensive.