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Jun 22, 2009 12:32 PM

KCMO- Cafe Augusta

Anyone eaten there yet?

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  1. Twice.

    I like the concept but think it has come toether that well yet.

    1. Once, will go again. We had a dog emergency one day, had to get lunch with a dog in the car (hot day.) We were impressed by the courteousness of the hostess/server, who helped us out. She brought our dog water not once but twice, as well as a couple pieces of bacon!, and came to check and make sure our to go order was okay. We didn't really even expect them to let us eat out front, but they were super nice. Other than the fact that a entree salad was a little on the small side, everything was fresh and tasty. We'll go back.

      1. a friend and i had coffee and pastry at cafe augusta this morning. i asked for iced coffee, which was very good. frozen cubes of coffee were used instead of regular ice. my friend had a lovely apricot danish, while i went for the cranberry/almond scone. both were warmed and served with butter and a fan-sliced strawberry. we saw the cute, very sunburned waitress transferring what we throught was honey from one container to another. nope, not honey, but homemade caramel sauce. she spooned some into a saucer for us to taste. a light drizzle over the scone was a perfect touch. all in all, a good experience and we'll go back again.

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          Frozen cubes of coffee for an iced coffee drink? That's attention to detail you usually don't get anywhere. I'm gonna eat there this week. Will report back.

          1. re: inbiz

            fyi, in biz, you do have to ask for the coffee "ice," otherwise you get regular ice. had a lovely chocolate croissant with my coffee the other morning. pastry was buttery and flaky. the chocolate was dark. yum. their pastry chef is a graduate of the culinary program at jccc.

            1. re: spanish moss

              I was going to post after I had dinner there, but I just wanted to tell you I had a "frozen latte" there made w/those coffee cubes and a little chocolate and it was awesome. Oh, and skim and 2 shots of espresso of course.

              1. re: inbiz

                Finally got there for dinner. I didn't know that they used organic and local when available, but I didn't ask about each menu item 'cause we ordered a lot. We had Brie en croute, shrimp/asparagus cakes w/a creole mustard and sherry cream sauce, a side salad (made w/romaine and house made bleu cheese dressing), Thai pork soup (which was awesome), Basque steak, tilapia, 2 really good quality desserts, a bottle of malbec and a bottle of some South American white. The service was extremely friendly and accommodating and I thought it was crazy inexpensive. The entrees were all $17 and they came w/soup or salad and 2 sides. The lunch menu looked good as well. It's not in a hip part of town but the food is really good and I can't get over the desserts. It reminded me of a less expensive Pangea Cafe w/better service.

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          1. We went there a few weeks ago. The staff was friendly, but seemed very confused as how to manage the three tables (each with a couple, so 6 people in the place). My food was decent; my husband's chicken came out raw. I will say that the manager was quick to correct and comped his meal. We used the savings to try a dessert...I should write "try to try a dessert" since most of the dessert menu was sold out.

            That said, I would try them again. We're wondering if the publicity from the recent review has thrown them in a tailspin. Definitely worth trying, just be patient. If you go, be sure to get the butternut squash soup...worth it.